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Rumi Bloody Mary Spiced with Paella Seasoning

Try our twist on the classic Bloody Mary using our Paella Spice Blend - quickly adds flavor to the tomato juice for a quick & easy brunch cocktail.

Saffron Strawberry Bellini

This cocktail is a twist on the classic bellini. Instead of peach, this recipe infuses saffron into a strawberry puree before being added to the champagne.

Saffron Infused Lemonade

Difficulty: Easy - Yield: 1 1/2 qts - Time: 15 mins Cool down with a refreshing glass of freshly squeezed lemonade infused with premium Rumi saffron threads. This recipe is an elevated twist on a summertime classic.

Saffron Moscow Mule

Difficulty: Easy - Yield: Single serving - Time: 5 mins This cocktail is a twist on the classic Moscow Mule. The saffron soaks in the lime juice before being added to the cocktail and compliments the bright flavor of the ginger beer. 

Saffron Simple Syrup

Difficulty: Easy - Yield: 2-4 servings - Time: 35 mins Saffron simple syrup is extremely versatile and will add an exotic touch to any cocktail. This flavored simple syrup recipe is great in cocktails (or mocktails) like saffron vodka. It doesn't just have to be used in beverages either – drizzle it over cheese and crackers or even desserts like vanilla ice cream. Cheers! For a printable recipe, click below:  GET PRINTABLE RECIPE

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