Father's Day is on June 16th, and what better way to show your appreciation for Dad than with the gift of extraordinary flavors?

Whether your dad is a grill master, a popcorn lover, or simply enjoys exploring new flavors in the kitchen, our seasoned salts are the ideal gift.

This Father's Day, give him the tools to transform everyday dishes into gourmet delights with our curated collection of seasoned salts, each crafted with care and high-quality ingredients.

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Why Choose Rumi Spice?

At Rumi Spice, our mission goes beyond delivering exceptional flavors. Each purchase supports the empowerment of Afghan farmers and women, fostering sustainable agricultural practices and contributing to the economic growth of local communities. By choosing our seasoned salts, you're not only enhancing your meals but also making a positive impact on the world.

Seasoned Salts

Versatile in use and loaded with our signature bright and bold flavors,... 

How to Use Our Seasoned Salts

For Grilling: Add a sprinkle of wild cumin seasoned salt to your steaks, burgers, or vegetables before grilling for an extra layer of flavor.

On Popcorn: Transform your movie night with a dash of saffron or lemon dill seasoned salt on freshly popped popcorn.

Summer Salads: Enhance your summer salads with a hint of fennel seasoned salt for a delightful twist.

Everyday Cooking: Keep these seasoned salts handy to effortlessly upgrade your everyday meals, from breakfast eggs to dinner entrees.

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