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Happy Afghan Independence Day

We at Rumi would like to congratulate Afghanistan on the 98th anniversary of their Independence today on August 19th. 

Today commemorates the signing of the Treaty of Rawalpindi in 1919, granting Afghanistan full independence from British involvement in foreign affairs after three wars with Britain. 

Afghanistan faces many challenges ahead, but the story not often told is the story we see every day. It is the story of a resiliency and courage, thriving and active markets, and an eager young populace becoming educated like never before. One only has to look at the growth of the saffron industry to see the potential for a thriving center of trade and a source of the world's finest produce. 

Our Afghanistan partners are a manifestation of this hope for the future. These farmers, young graduates, and entrepreneurs represent the best of their country. Our Afghan partners ask nothing more than to be able to provide our customers with the world's highest quality saffron.  It is with your help that we are unlocking the full potential of Afghanistan. Thirty years of war have taken its toll, but katra ba katra (bit by bit) we are reconnecting Afghanistan with the world. 

Congratulations Afghanistan, we look forward to your prosperous future and our continued friendship.





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