How to Use Baharat

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How to Use Baharat - Rumi Spice

Baharat Spiced Beef

While used frequently in stew-like dishes, baharat as a rub or in a marinade provides a mild spiciness to lamb, fish or chicken. Like any spice blend or seasoning, you can shape the flavor to your own taste. A dash of paprika raises the heat level nicely. 

Kneaded into ground hamburger meat (we recommend one teaspoon per pound of meat), hamburgers take on a slightly exotic flavor.  A cheese lover?  Add a slice of sharp white cheddar for a creamy balance. 

On lamb chops, combine two tablespoons of olive oil and one tablespoon of Rumi Baharat Seasoning.  Brush lovingly over the chops and chill 30 minutes before heading to the grill. 

Online, some of our favorite recipes using a baharat blend are:

Because it is a blend, the flavors can change by adding or subtracting ingredients. Some blends have as few as four or five ingredients, perhaps a bit on the frugal side.  Greek versions add mint, often as the dominant spice.  North African versions may use dried rose petals or ginger, or both. The point is, after all the wonderful ways you discover to use baharat seasoning, allow yourself to be creative.  The rest of the world did.

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