Meet Baharat, our “Middle Eastern Multi-Tasker"

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Meet Baharat, our “Middle Eastern Multi-Tasker" - Rumi Spice

A common spice blend in Middle Eastern cooking, we've deemed our Baharat the “Middle Eastern multi-tasker." The word baharat translates to “spices” in Arabic and is a blend of Middle Eastern staple spices, including our signature Afghan cumin & coriander. Our flavorful and exotic Persian Gulf Baharat mirrors these traditional flavors and adds a bold, sweet and savory touch to any dish.

How can I use Baharat spice blend?

The warm spice profile of our authentic Baharat makes it the perfect addition to sweet and savory dishes alike. The versatile blend adds the perfect level of zest and richness to grilled kabobs or stone fruit cobblers. Use it as a marinade on meat, whisk it into olive oil for a flavor-packed dressing, or mix with brown sugar for deliciously-addicting spiced nuts.

Explore some of our favorite recipes, both sweet and savory. From classic Middle Eastern dishes to simple sides and salads.

Get Cooking with Rumi Baharat

Baharat Chicken Thigh Kebabs

Baharat Chickpea Salad

Learn More About The Rumi Spices Inside:

Discover the Cumin harvest season in Afghanistan and learn how our team works directly with our partners to bring you the highest quality Afghan Black Cumin, an extra earthy, piney version of this well-known spice.

Learn more about one of our favorite Rumi Spices, Herati Coriander. Farmed in the Herat region of Afghanistan, our Herati Coriander yields a complex, delicately sweet flavor with hints of pepper and mint along with the classic touch of citrus.

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