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Sensory Experience with Hoby Wedler

Rumi held a sensory class hosted by Hoby Wedler, a renowned sensory development expert who was recognized as Forbes 30 under 30 in the Food & Drink category for 2016.

We smelled, compared, and tasted two varieties of spices: Saigon versus Ceylon cinnamon,  California versus Hungarian paprika, and Tellicherry versus Lompong black pepper and Rumi Afghan Saffron.

The unique terroir in Afghanistan imparts an intensity unmatched in spanish variety of saffron. The aroma and flavor, as Hoby explained, not only captures the vitality of the Afghanistan landscape, but also the culture and history of the people who grow this wonderful spice. The floral earthiness in each taste can only be reproduced by Afghan farmers who have developed a keen sense of knowing when, how, and where to grow this wonderful crop.


Ultimately, we learned a bit more on sensory design and thinking to orient our brand to describe it in a way never before told to chefs, producers, and consumers in a unique way that delights, inspires, and opens up a new world.


“When you rub a pinch of Afghan saffron in the warm palm of your hand, a robust, honey-like aroma floats into your nose reminding you of an oceanic wave washing over sun-dried grass or like opening an old leather lined box of French tobacco.”


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