Spice up your Meals with These Hosting Hacks

Our flavor-packed spices and blends add ease, and unrivaled flavor, to your everyday eating. From weeknight dinners to festive feasts, read on for our top tips on how to simplify mealtime with our premium, hand-harvested spices and blends

Dress Up Your Dips

Top pre-made dips with a sprinkle of your favorite spice and instantly fool your guests into thinking they're homemade. Our favorite combos include: 

  • Mayonnaise or Greek Yogurt + Saffron (the easiest way to make our favorite saffron aioli)

Add Ease with Meal Starters

Using our meal starter spice packets in your dinner party spreads is the easiest way to make homemade dishes with minimal effort. Some of our favorite festive variations on these classic dishes include: 

Middle Eastern pickled olives

Mix your Middle Eastern Pickle Mix with the recommended amount of vinegar and water and pour over your favorite olives for the easiest, show-stopping snack. Feeling fancy? Serve them up in your saffron martini, made with this delicious saffron liquor from our friends at Apologue Liquors. 

Kofta meatballs

Mix a Kofta seasoning packet with your desired ground meat (we love a mixture of lamb and beef) as directed on the packet and form into small meatballs. Air fry, pan fry, or bake in the oven, and serve with toothpicks and desired dipping sauce for a fan-favorite appetizer.
We love serving ours with this easy Za'atar Tzatziki or Saffron Greek Yogurt (but storebought always works!) 

Tandoori shrimp

Mix your Tandoori spice packet with 2 pounds of medium shrimp and pan fry in a hot skillet. Serve as a shareable appetizer, or a main course over pasta, rice, or risotto. 

Mix up a Foolproof Marinade 

Whisk together your favorite spice with olive oil and salt for a delicious marinade that goes on anything. (Note - all our spice blends are salt-free, so don't forget to add salt when making your marinade). 

Our go-to pairings include:

  • Spicy Harissa and sweet root veggies
  • Paella spice and heartier fish, like shrimp or swordfish 
  • Dill seed (or Lemon Dill Seasoned Salt) and salmon
  • Smoky Cajun and grilled chicken

Pro tip: Make a double batch and fold the extra marinade into Greek yogurt or mayonnaise for a delicious dip for your finished dish. We absolutely love dipping our crisp winter squash in a zesty Harissa mayo.

Finish off with a Simple Dessert

For our favorite easy dessert, give these 3 Ingredient Baharat Spiced Donuts a try! The secret here is using canned biscuit dough. They taste as good as the ones from your favorite donut shop with minimal effort. And, the Baharat-spiced sugar finish easily brings them over the top. 

Other other favorite dessert hacks include: 

  • Make this easy saffron simple syrup and pour over ice cream or store-bought pound cake for an elevated version of a classic dessert.
  • Add a pinch of Garam Masala or Baharat spice to store-bought chocolate sauce for an elevated sundae topper. 
  • Add a pinch of floral saffron threads to your favorite vanilla cake mix (or frosting) for a decadent cake with a golden hue. 

Have another favorite way to spice up your meals with Rumi? Let us know here

We can’t wait to see what you whip up. Happy hosting and happy cooking, 

The Rumi Spice Team