Set Savory Aside: The Sweet Saffron Recipes You Need In Your Life

Serve up a platter of delicious golden treats- all you need is saffron! While we may classically know saffron for the subtle earthy and floral tones it can add to braises, rice and other savory dishes, it is perhaps best complemented by the sweeter side of the menu. Those same earthy and floral qualities come to life alongside a bit of sugar, and the result is just as beautiful as it is delicious.

Saffron is a mainstay in Middle Eastern cuisine, finding its way into sweet and savory recipes alike. You’ll often find saffron paired with flavors like orange blossom or rosewater, which can amplify the floral sweetness of the spice. Our Rumi saffron threads are harvested at the peak of Afghanistan's saffron harvest season, imported directly from our partnered farmers and packaged in small batches to maintain freshness. As a result, our highest-quality saffron threads impart the maximum flavor and benefits to your favorite dishes

Whether you’re planning your next dinner party or surprising a co-worker with sweet treats, take a page from our recipe book and try your hand at some of our favorite saffron sweets.

Back to Basics: Saffron Simple Syrup

A good simple syrup can bring life, flavor and a perfectly rich, floral sweetness to drinks, desserts, and more. Our saffron simple syrup imparts the unique flavor and color of saffron with a few simple steps, making it easy to add saffron flavor to all of your favorite sweets. Simple syrup plays an essential role in traditional Middle Eastern treats like baklava, adding a delicious and sticky sweetness to nuts like pistachios. We like to mix things up by subbing saffron simple syrup into brunch staples, like pancakes, and waffles, as well as in our favorite cocktails and mocktails.

To achieve this golden syrup, steep a few saffron threads in equal parts sugar and water, allowing to sit for 30 to 60 minutes to intensify the flavor before bringing the mixture to a simmer. Allow to cool, store in an airtight container, and you’re ready to use! This simple syrup stores sealed in the refrigerator for up to one month. 

Pastries, Delicacies & More

While saffron syrup is often found in more traditional recipes, especially in Lebanese desserts and Northern Indian sweets like Jalebi, we’ve developed some sweet dishes of our own that are made to share- and impress. Adding saffron to your baked goods can not only impart signature golden color, but also a unique floral twist to flavors like orange, honey, and coconut. Check out some of our signature saffron sweets:

Flan Napolitano

Saffron Orange Cupcakes

Saffron Honey Marshmallow

Saffron Coconut Macaroons


Breakfast & Brunch Classics 

Saffron Banana Pancakes

Saffron Rosewater Waffles

Brown Butter and Pear Saffron Muffins

Saffron Popovers

Whether you take a traditional route with your saffron simple syrup, like adding a drop to your favorite cocktail or mocktail, or decide to experiment with some new cooking techniques, we encourage you to explore the sweet side of saffron! You won’t regret it.