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Summer Seasonal Harvest in Afghanistan: An Inside Look At The Farming of Fennel, Cumin and Coriander

The summer harvest is here! Rumi Spice works directly with Afghan farmers to support their harvest seasons and bring you high-quality spices directly from the source. Summertime means cumin, coriander, and fennel, three spices that make up so many of our favorite Rumi Spice products. Get a glimpse into the summer harvest in Afghanistan.

For Us, For Them, For The World: How Rumi Spice Is Making An Impact In Afghanistan As A Certified B Corporation

Rumi Spice is excited to receive B Lab’s 2021 Best For The World award in their Community category. As a certified B Corporation, we’ve committed our business to social and environmental ethics. Learn more about Rumi as a certified B corporation.

This Memorial Day, Our Rumi Spice Founders Share Their Connection To Mission, Their Journeys, and Some Of Their Favorite Rumi Recipes

Rumi is deeply rooted in mission; from day one, our founders set out to support Afghan farmers and bolster local economies. This Memorial Day, we sat down with the Rumi Spice founders to talk about their journeys since Rumi and what this mission means to them.

Join Us For a Glimpse into The 2021 Afghan Cultural Fair with The Afghan Embassy in Washington DC

Rumi Spice CEO Patti Doyle joined fellow vendors and brands to attend the 2021 Afghan Cultural Fair in Washington DC, hosted by the Afghan Embassy in collaboration with Turquoise Mountain. This two day event celebrates the philanthropic endeavors of these brands to support commerce and cultural survival in Afghanistan.

2020 Saffron Harvest in Herat

Every fall, farmers and workers utilize great skill and knowledge to harvest and process premium Rumi Spice Afghan saffron - known as one of the highest in quality in the world. Learn more about the 2020 saffron harvest in Herat.

Olive Wood Artisans of Tunisia

The craft of olive wood working in Tunisia is tied to the history of olive cultivation that goes back thousands of years to ancient Carthage. Learn more about the history and important role olives play in the daily life and culture of Tunisians.

The Rumi Guide to Baharat

Have you heard of baharat, the essential, all-purpose Middle Eastern & Mediterranean spice blend? Learn all about the history, uses, & dishes of baharat in our definitive guide.

Your Guide to the History & Taste of Ethiopian Food

Have you been wondering what Ethiopian cuisine is like? This “hot” & trending cuisine is becoming increasingly po...

Women Empowering Women: Meet the Women of Rumi Spice

Women influence up to 80% of global buying decisions, but hold just 24% of senior roles in business. In response to t...

Benefits of Cumin

Cumin is one of the most popular spices in the world. After black pepper, cumin is the most-used spice on Earth and for good reason - it is flavorful and delicious. Not only does cumin smell and taste delightful, it may provide a variety of benefits.

Rumi Spice 2019 Social Impact Report

For the past year, our team has been hard at work spreading the word about using spices as a force for good. In 2019 alone, our team witnessed an amazing amount of progress for the people of Afghanistan. This year, our team was able to employ and change the lives of a total of 3750 women in Afghanistan, most of whom are widows, and 335 Afghan farmers. We couldn’t do this without the continued loyalty and support of an amazing community like you. 

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