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Fall Saffron Harvest

It’s a thrilling time of year - the fall saffron harvest! Similar to the annual fall harvest here in the United State...

How Black Cumin is Harvested in Afghanistan

Our team is absolutely thrilled to announce we will be returning to Afghanistan this summer, but this time we will no...

4 Father’s Day Activities (Plus Father’s Day Gift Ideas)

Mother’s Day has passed and now it is time to figure out Father’s Day. Do you know how you will be celebrating? We ha...

Rumi Spice After Shark Tank

May 5th marks a very important day in our company’s history. No not Cinco de Mayo! (Although that is a fun holiday to celebrate with good food and drink). May 5th marks the anniversary of when our team appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank. In honor of our Shark Tank anniversary, read a recap of our episode, learn what the Rumi Spice team has been up to after Shark Tank, and find out about our newest investment!

Rumi Spice Exhibits at Good Food Expo

Expo season is well underway! At the start of March, our team had the pleasure of attending and exhibiting at Expo West out in Anaheim, California while most recently our team attended Good Food Expo at UIC.

In Honor of Earth Day: Sustainable Agriculture

In honor of Earth Day on April 22nd, we are taking a closer look at sustainable farming. More commonly referred to as sustainable agriculture, the goal of sustainable agriculture is to meet society’s current food and textile needs without compromising the same needs of future generations. Every person involved in the food system (i.e. farmers and growers, food processors, distributors, retailers, consumers and waste managers) can all play a role in ensuring we maintain a sustainable agricultural system, including you!

Rumi Spice Attends Expo West

Last week, our team had the pleasure and privilege of attending and exhibiting at this year’s Expo West out in Anaheim, California. For three days, our team was posted up in the Anaheim Convention Center where our entire team met and mingled with distributors, retailers, and general health and wellness enthusiasts at the country’s largest natural products convention.

Meet the Women of Rumi Spice

War, terrorism, opium, that's what comes to mind when people think of Afghanistan. Women under the Taliban faced dire circumstances, but we are fortunate to work with strong, resilient women. They ask for no handouts, just opportunity. With Rumi they've risen to the occasion and are the core of our Afghanistan team.

Rumi Announces $2.5 Million Series A Investment

Chicago | London | Kabul January 17, 2018 – InFrontier’s Afghanistan Fund announced a $2.5 million investment in Rumi...

A Day in the Life of a Saffron Farmer, Meet Haji Yosef

We are approaching a thrilling time of year - the fall saffron harvest! Similar to the annual fall harvest here in th...

Rumi Spice appears on NPR's Weekend Edition

Did you catch us on NPR's Weekend Edition? We were honored to be interviewed by Renee Montagne. Click below to hear o...

Rumi Launches Nationally in Whole Foods Market

Hey Rumi fans! You’ll be able to find Rumi saffron in Whole Foods Market’s spice aisles just in time for fall!   Ou...

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