What is the Baharat Blend?

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What is the Baharat Blend? - Rumi Spice

What do naan, chai, & baharat have in common? All three names simply translate to what they are: naan means bread in Persian, chai is tea in Hindi, & baharat is spices in Arabic.

Popular in Middle Eastern cooking, there is no one recipe or standard blend of baharat. It is a blend of eight or more spices, typically with pepper, cumin, and paprika at the core.

Foodies and chefs describe baharat as: “Peppery, sweet-spiced, and earthy,” “Aromatic with a bit of zest,” and “Distinctly exotic.”  Like wines (think “oaken with a hint of apricot”), the flavor profile and taste of Baharat is highly subjective.  

Rumi’s Baharat blends black pepper, cardamom, cloves, Rumi Black Cumin, cinnamon (cassia), nutmeg, coriander, and paprika. We aimed for the right amount of warmth plus heat - let us know your take!

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