What Makes Rumi Black Cumin Unique?

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What Makes Rumi Black Cumin Unique? - Rumi Spice

Wild Black Cumin vs. 'Traditional' Cumin

When wondering about the difference between Rumi’s variety of cumin and “traditional” cumin, first, look at the color. Rumi’s premium cumin variety is known as black cumin for a reason. Its color is much darker than other varieties, lending itself to a richer flavor and more potent aroma.

While used in the same way as more common cumin varieties, our premium Wild Black Cumin brings an additional layer of earthiness to your favorite dishes, from curries to tacos, veggies, hummus, and more.

Where Does Black Cumin Come From?

Indigenous to the Old Persian Empire, black cumin is not well-known outside of the Middle East. Our black cumin grows wild along the foothills of the Hindu Kush Mountains in Afghanistan and is hand-picked and harvested by the farmers that inhabit this mountainous region. This small pocket of the world is the only place where this particular variety of black cumin can be found.

What Does Black Cumin Taste Like? 

While our black cumin is easily recognized as cumin upon the first whiff, it is likely very different than anything you’ve tasted before. Our black cumin is extremely flavorful and aromatic with woodsy, earthy notes. The mountainous terroir in which it’s grown is what gives our cumin its extra sharp, piney layer that differentiates it from the more common varieties. 

Like our saffron, and really all of our spices, a little goes a long way. So, when a recipe calls for a specific amount of traditional cumin, you may want to scale back a bit when cooking with our more potent variety of black cumin.  

Meet our Black Cumin Spice Blends

Our premium Wild Black Cumin is the core spice in many of our spice blends, differentiating these blends with sharp, nutty notes. The use of our black cumin is why our Southwest Chili Blend (a very cumin-forward blend) tastes so drastically different from traditional chili powders you find in the store. And, it’s why our Meal Starter Spice Packets create the most flavor-packed meals. 

If you’re a fan of our Wild Black Cumin, or just interested in giving it a try, try these cumin-forward blends: 

Try Our Favorite Black Cumin Recipes

All of our Wild Black Cumin recipes can be found here. A few of our favorites include: 

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