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Rumi Saffron and its Mission Featured at the Parabere Forum

Kim Jung, CEO of Rumi Spice, spoke last week as a featured presenter at the Parabere Forum, an organization which brings together women in gastronomy and the culinary arts to talk about gender equality issues, sustainability, and communities.

How to Distinguish Saffron Quality

Identifying High Quality Saffron Rumi Spice sells both Sargol and Negin saffron, the two most prized forms. Saffron...

Saffron Cultivation at Record High in Afghanistan

Saffron Cultivation hits record high as Afghanistan saffron is again named world's best.

Introducing RUMI

“Yesterday is gone and its tale told. Today new seeds are growing.” – Rumi

Rumi Spice Empowering Afghan Women

One by one, the women came up to me as Abdul Faisal wrote their carefully picked piles of saffron stigmas. He made s...

Meet Haji Ibrahim and Haji Ghaffar

Meet Haji Ibrahim and Haji Ghaffar. These two came strolling into our offices with big bellied laughs. They’re broth...

Saffron Is the New Opium... Sort Of

 “As a member of Afghanistan, I want to help my people to reduce growing narcotics - and saffron as you may know is ...

Shakoor's Afghanistan

Shakoor Ehrarri has always had a passion for agriculture - for the way that plants and earth support an entire liveli...

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