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Known as the "queen of all spices", saffron has added its complex, nuanced flavor of sweet & floral to classic dishes around the world.

Whether you're an advanced home chef or just a beginner, we promise you will be delighted by some of our favorite saffron recipes that are included in our first digital recipe ebook.

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Included Recipes:

  • Saffron Vegetable Soup
  • Spanish Seafood Paella with Saffron
  • Chicken Scallopine with Saffron Cream Sauce
  • Saffron Spaghetti Cooked Risotto-Style
  • Saffron Risotto & Butternut Squash
  • Crispy Baked Zucchini Sticks with Rumi Paella Blend and Charred Scallion with Saffron Aioli
  • Saffron Yogurt Dip
  • Eggless Saffron Almond Cookies
  • Saffron Lemonade
  • Saffron Simple Syrup & Whiskey Smash