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As a chef, I have sampled many different saffron types, and Afghan saffron from Rumi is some of the best that I have ever found. This saffron is of the highest quality with subtle nuanced flavors that are ideal for cooking Bouillabaisse and Tagines. This saffron is sustainably farmed and sourced directly so it is a product that is both delicious and good for farmers and the planet.
— Eric Ripert
Chef & Co-owner, Le Bernardin, winner of James Beard Top Chef in NYC, Outstanding Chef of the Year, Outstanding Restaurant of the Year, Outstanding Service, New York Times Four-Star, Michelin three stars
Rumi Saffron is so fragrant and intoxicating with a stunning intense floral scent. It has raised the level of quality and sophistication for saffron. The saffron gives such an incredible hue of amber crimson.
— Carrie Nahabedian
Chef & Owner, NAHA Chicago, winner of James Beard Best Chef: Great Lakes and five consecutive Michelin stars
As with all ingredients, quality matters. Rumi saffron is a game changer with floral and honey notes that balance the stereotypical earthiness that dominates Spanish saffron. The astringency is low, the flavor is rich, the color is deep, and the overall bang for the buck is measurable!
— Ana Sortun
Chef & Owner, Oleana Boston, winner of James Beard Best Chef: Northeast
Rumi saffron is quite pungent with a more intense flavor than traditional Spanish saffron. It has faint notes of honey with a light medicinal quality.
— Matt Holmes
Executive Chef, Café Ba Ba Reeba, Chicago’s original tapas and premier Spanish restaurant
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