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The Wild Story of Wild Cumin

Join Keith Alaniz, Rumi Spice's CEO, as he ventures into the remote corners of Afghanistan in search of a unique culinary treasure - Afghan wild foraged black cumin.

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Ethically Sourced Spices & Blends

Highest quality, authentic spices direct sourced from rural farmers in Afghanistan.



Saffron Threads, 1.0 gram
saffron threads, 1.0 gram
Sweet, Floral and Vibrant
Za'atar - Rumi Spice - Rumi Spice -
Nutty and Tangy
Afghan Curry Braise - Rumi Spice - Rumi Spice -
afghan curry braise
Rustic and Bright
Persian Gulf Baharat - Rumi Spice - Rumi Spice -
persian gulf baharat
Warm and Savory
Meal Starter Sampler Pack - Rumi Spice - Rumi Spice -
meal starter sampler pack
Warming Spices Trio - Rumi Spice - Rumi Spice -
warming spices trio
Saffron Seasoned Salt - Rumi Spice - Rumi Spice -
saffron seasoned salt
Floral & Complex
Whole Spice Gift Set - Rumi Spice - Rumi Spice -
whole spice gift set
Wild Black Cumin, Whole Seed - Rumi Spice - Rumi Spice -
wild black cumin, whole seed
Nutty and Piney

Spice as A Force for Good

Cultivate Peace

Work directly with farmers in Afghanistan to provide reliable wages and economic stability

Empower Women

Create agricultural job
opportunities for over 4,000
Afghan women

Direct Sourced

Connecting Afghan farmers with
the global market is key to
unlocking its economic potential

Lasting Partnerships

Founded by military vets committed to supporting the communities where they served

Unlock Connection

Celebrating the vibrant culture of the Middle East by sharing stories of food and community



"As a chef, I have sampled many different saffron types, and Afghan saffron from Rumi is some of the best that I have ever found. This saffron is of the highest quality with subtle nuanced flavors."

- Eric Ripert, Chef & Co-owner,
Le Bernardin

Spices that

We provide inspiration and connection to Afghanistan & the Middle East, its food, and its people.


Delicious Fresh Spices

“Wonderful selection for creative cooking. Good prices. Highly recommended Rumi Spice. It’s the first stop when I'm looking for spices.”

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"I just got this as a gift and I am absolutely enamored with all of these blends. Usually I am the person who has everything, but apparently my spice drawer really needed some help. Excited to share these spices with my friends!"

- Michele T.

Rustic and complex spice

"True authentic spice that brings back memories of travels around the world. And, glad to support a woman-owned company that ethically sources spices!"

- Jean M.

Best Saffron EVER

"My experience was wonderful and the quality is the very best I have ever had, and I have been cooking with saffron for almost 50 years.”

- Edward P.

High-Quality Spices

“I have been buying from Rumi Spice since they opened up online selling. They continue to surprise me with new products. Cumin is a great aromatic and flavorful product that I use often in many different dishes.”

- Chef Philip

B Corporation

Rumi direct sources the highest quality spices from Afghanistan to help provide reliable wages and economic stability for rural farmers and women. Connecting Afghan farmers with the global market is key to unlocking their economic potential.

Founded by three U.S. Army veterans who came to know and love the people and culture of Afghanistan, we aim to create connections to this vibrant region through our premium spices and blends.