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Daniel BouludChef & Owner, Restaurant Daniel “Rumi cultivates a rare and exquisite saffron from delicate pistils, whose beauty lies in the purity and intensity of its flavor and fragrance, casting a luminous golden hue on every sweet and savory dish it touches.”Benefit WhitIcon
Carrie NahabedianChef & Owner, NAHA "The Rumi Saffron is so fragrant and intoxicating with a stunning intense floral scent. It has raised the level of quality and sophistication for Saffron. The saffron gives such an incredible hue of amber crimson. I am happy to be supportive of the efforts of Rumi bringing this Saffron to America that has been hand harvested by women using traditional methods from Afghanistan."Benefit WhitIcon
Matt HolmesExecutive Chef, Café Ba Ba Reeba “Rumi saffron is quite pungent with a more intense flavor than traditional Spanish saffron. It has faint notes of honey with a light medicinal quality and a low level of astringency when used sparingly.”Benefit WhitIcon
Eddy LerouxChef de Cuisine, Restaurant Daniel "Saffron has a unique aroma and distinctive taste of hay with notes of slightly bitter flowers that complement and enhance ingredients."Benefit WhitIcon
Brad FarmerieChef & Owner, Public Restaurant in NYC, one Michelin-star Rumi Saffron embodies the smell of summer, honey, wisps of smoke, sun dried tomato and capsicum. The quality of the saffron sells itself as the best available, and the mission that is at the heart of Rumi is a beautiful blend of a great ingredient mixed with a great cause.Benefit WhitIcon
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