The Wild Story of Wild Cumin

The Wild Story of Wild Cumin is a story that traverses the breathtaking landscapes of Afghanistan, digs deep into a fascinating quest for the elusive Zira, and captures the heart of what makes our Rumi Spice Wild Black Cumin so incredibly special. 

This is a story that really captures the essence of Rumi Spice - sharing unique stories of Afghanistan's rich culture, empowering Afghan women, and connecting over food. 

We love this story, and we hope you will too.  

Be prepared to be awed, intrigued, and to fall in love with our Rumi Spice Wild Black Cumin for the first time or all over again.

This isn't just a story about finding a spice, it's a story about our dedication to quality, authenticity, and the power of cultural exchange.

We hope you enjoy watching The Wild Story of Wild Cumin as much as we enjoyed making it. And once you've watched, don't forget to try our Rumi Spice Wild Black Cumin for yourself.