A delightful hand-drawn rendition of our signature Rumi Spice jar showcases our brand's essence.

Spices crafted for taste, chosen for impact.

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    Directly sourced & Flavor-Packed

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    Michelin Chef Approved

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    Empowers Afghan Women

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    Better than Organic

Unlike other spice brands, Rumi Spice is laser-focused on a mission: providing sustainable livelihoods in Afghanistan. Every jar of our spice doesn't just elevate your meals; it uplifts a community, empowers women, and brings hope to a region that needs it.

Choosing Rumi Spice is a conscious decision. It's choosing to make a difference, not just in your kitchen but in the world. It's the realization that every sprinkle, dash, or pinch is a step towards a better future. It's the understanding that with Rumi Spice, you're not just cooking; you're contributing.



Founded by veterans, we're telling the story of Afghanistan & building bridges between people from different backgrounds.

Our mission is to promote peace and prosperity in Afghanistan by connecting people through food.

Our Mission

Rumi Spice Blends

Rumi Spice blends are your passport to global flavors, meticulously crafted to transform your meals from mundane to magical, all while empowering women in Afghanistan.
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  • eric.png__PID:6ebace05-3687-4c8f-957f-8b3bdd44748c

    Eric Ripert, Chef - 3 Michelin Stars | 7 Time James Beard Award winner

    "As a chef, I have sampled many different saffron types, and Afghan saffron from Rumi Spice is some of the best that I have ever found."

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    Daniel Boulud, Chef - 2 Michelin Stars | 6 time James Beard Award winner

    "Rumi Spice cultivates a rare and exquisite saffron from delicate pistils, whose beauty lies in the purity and intensity of its flavor and fragrance, casting a luminous golden hue on every sweet and savory dish it touches."

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    Carrie Nahabedian, Chef - 1 Michelin Star | James Beard Award winner

    "The Rumi Saffron is so fragrant and intoxicating with a stunning intense floral scent. It has raised the level of quality and sophistication for Saffron."

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