Elevate Your Inventory with Ethically Sourced Spices from Afghanistan

Enhance your customer experience and make a global impact.

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Why Rumi Spice?

  • Michelin Chef beloved Spices: Rumi Spice's quality and flavor are endorsed by Michelin-star chefs
  • Trendsetting and Unique Blends: Stay ahead of the curve with our spices that keep pace with global flavor trends
  • Empowering Afghan Women and Communities: By choosing to stock Rumi Spice, you contribute to empowering Afghan women and supporting communities
  • Eye-Catching Packaging: Our attractive packaging is designed to catch the eye of customers, enhancing the visual appeal of your shelves and encouraging impulse purchases.
  • Unparalleled Retailer Support: The Rumi Spice team is dedicated to providing comprehensive support to retailers, including custom marketing materials and tailored assistance to meet your needs.

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3 Steps to a Successful Spice Aisle

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  • A member of our sales team will reach out to you to answer any questions you may have

  • Stock Rumi Spice on your shelves and get increased customer satisfaction while making a global impact

Download the Wholesale Catalog

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