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Rumi Guide To Berbere

Have you heard of berbere, the fiery and peppery spice blend prevalent in Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisine? Learn all about the history, uses, & dishes of berbere in our guide.

Olive Wood Artisans of Tunisia

The craft of olive wood working in Tunisia is tied to the history of olive cultivation that goes back thousands of years to ancient Carthage. Learn more about the history and important role olives play in the daily life and culture of Tunisians.

2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Send your friends and loved ones thoughtfully packaged gifts of flavorful spices and blends that will inspire and bring joy to their kitchens and do good in the world.

5 Tips to Celebrate a Socially Distant Holiday Together

  For many, the most wonderful time of the year will be less traditional and more socially distant. Fewer people plan...

3 Ways to Toast Whole Spices For Aromatic & Robust Flavors

There's Only One Reason to Toast Your Spices Toasted spices taste better. Toasting is an absolute must-do if you wan...


From Indian garam masala to Ethiopian berbere, the little beige to green coriander has been used by different food cultures worldwide for its versatile, bittersweet citrus flavor. Learn why whole coriander is a must-have spice for your pantry.

What is Fennel?

Fennel is one of the oldest cultivated plants in the world. This verdant little seed is prized for both its unique flavor profile and versatility in global cuisine. Learn why fennel should be on of your pantry staples.

The Rumi Guide to Baharat

Have you heard of baharat, the essential, all-purpose Middle Eastern & Mediterranean spice blend? Learn all about the history, uses, & dishes of baharat in our definitive guide.

How to make your own Baharat spice blend

With a well-stocked spice cabinet, you can develop your own Baharat recipe.

Baharat: Comparisons to Other Spice Blends

Baharat is often compared to other spice blends from the Middle East, India, & Northern Africa like garam masala, ras el hanout, za'atar, & advieh. While there are some similarities in ingredients, it would be a disservice to each distinct blend's cultural and culinary legacies to lump them together. Read on to learn

How to Use Baharat

While used frequently in stew-like dishes, baharat as a rub or in a marinade provides a mild spiciness to lamb, fish...

The History of Baharat

While it is difficult to pinpoint when and exactly where baharat started, it is assumed it developed out of the impo...

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