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The Rumi Difference

Direct sourcing unlocks the
highest quality spices



By opening Afghanistan's markets and creating direct trade we help build livelihoods for the farmers of this region.


With hot, dry winds over semi-arid lands, Afghanistan’s unique climate is ideal for growing the highest-quality spices.

empowering women

We work directly with women farmers in Afghanistan to provide reliable wages and economic stability.


All of our spices are unadulterated, pesticide-free, and packaged by hand to ensure maximum quality and freshness.

Our Premium Saffron

Saffron, also known as "red gold," is the most valuable spice in the world. Our premium saffron is handpicked by farmers in Afghanistan, requiring almost 80,000 flowers to produce just one pound of this delicate spice. The raw and vibrant flavors add earthy floral notes and a beautiful color to any dish.

Our saffron surpasses the highest standards for Category 1 Saffron by over 25%. The quality of our saffron has caught the attention of award-winning chefs & imbued its flavor to dishes in some of the top restaurants in the world.


Our Black Cumin

Indigenous to the Old Persian Empire, black cumin is virtually unknown outside of the Middle East. Our Black Cumin grows wild along the foothills of the Hindu Kush Mountains in Afghanistan. The mountainous terroir adds an extra layer of sharp earthy and piney flavors to the spice that differentiates it from the more common varieties available.

Sourcing this spice furthers our social mission of creating agricultural jobs for the people of Afghanistan.


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