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On the Ground

Why Afghanistan

The Land

With hot, dry winds over semi-arid lands, Afghanistan’s climate is ideal for growing saffron and other
artisanal spices.

The varied terrain - highly mountainous in the Hindu Kush region to the flatter, drylands surrounding Herat, Afghanistan has a climate that produces some of the most beautiful and high-quality saffron and spices.

the potential

Over 80% of the Afghan population is reliant on the rural agricultural economy. The success of the spice industry not only helps farmers and the women providing direct labor, it touches every member of the village we work in. We have seen output from our existing partners double and triple, while new farmers have asked to join our network.

Connecting Afghan farmers with the global market is key to unlocking the economic potential of Afghanistan. By building demand for Afghan agricultural products and creating a global supply chain, we can directly impact the economic development of the country.

A Day in the Life of A Saffron Farmer

our partners

Part of what drives our impact is working directly with our farmers, the foragers and all the women involved in processing our spices.

From the first farmers who joined our network when we first began to the hundreds that now work with us, we make sure that there are no middlemen or anyone looking to "take a cut." It is through these partnerships that we can make the greatest impact.

Similarly, we make sure that women are paid direct wages. Most of the women that work with us are paid 15 to 20% more than other jobs they would be eligible to work in.

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