How to Distinguish Saffron Quality

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How to Distinguish Saffron Quality - Rumi Spice

Identifying High Quality Saffron

Rumi Spice sells both Sargol and Negin saffron, the two most prized forms. Saffron consists of the red stigmas which have been cut and separated from the styles prior to drying. The picrocin and safranal are found in the red sargol stigma rather than the style. In other words, more yellow means paying for added weight with no additional saffron impact. However, some yellow is good in that a completely red saffron sample probably indicates the supplier dyed the batch to cover up impurity or low quality.

What to Look For When Choosing Saffron

  • Fine and evenly sized threads
  • Threads with thin yellow tendrils on one end and a trumpet like flute on the other
  • Deep red color
  • Dry and brittle texture; moisture and flexibility are bad signs
  • Strong hay-like fragrance; even in sealed plastic, you will be able to smell saffron's signature scent
  • Longer threads, which indicate that the saffron hasn't been roughly handled
  • Emission of a bright yellow dye when steeped in water 

At Rumi Spice, we submit our saffron to rigorous third party analytical testing using ISO 3632-2.   Our quality is why we are the saffron of choice for Michelin rated restaurants throughout the US. 

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