The Saffron Lover Gift Set – Rumi Spice

The Saffron Lover Gift Set


The easiest way to ensure your favorite meals never go bare - stock up on the world's finest saffron with our Saffron Lovers Gift Set. Includes two 1-ounce tins (2 ounces total) of our premium Afghan saffron, hand-harvested in the fields of Afghanistan. 

Whether you're crafting gourmet dishes or making a daily ritual out of saffron tea, this tin ensures you have ample supply for your culinary and wellness endeavors. 

Highest Quality

Afghanistan’s unique climate is ideal for growing these artisanal spices.

Sustainably Sourced

By creating direct trade we help build livelihoods for Afghan women
and farmers.

Authentic Flavor

From field to jar, we're creating connections to Middle Eastern
culture & cuisine.


Saffron Threads, Bulk, 1 ounce - Rumi Spice - Rumi Spice -
saffron threads, bulk, 1 ounce

Sweet, Floral and Vibrant

Why We Love It

How do you know if you have a 'saffron lover' in your life? Do they start each morning with a mug of golden saffron almond milk? Are there hints of bouillabaisse, khoresh, biryani, or paella always lingering in their kitchens? If this reminds you of someone you know, they would be a happy recipient of our indulgent Saffron Lover Gift Set. Grab one for a friend, treat yourself to something decadent, just don't miss out on the world's rarest spice.


Rumi direct sources the highest quality spices from Afghanistan to help provide reliable wages and economic stability for rural farmers and women. Connecting Afghan farmers with the global market is key to unlocking their economic potential.

Founded by three U.S. Army veterans who came to know and love the people and culture of Afghanistan, we aim to create connections to this vibrant region through our premium spices and blends.