Introducing RUMI

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Introducing RUMI - Rumi Spice

Friends of Rumi,

We started Rumi almost three years ago with an audacious goal in mind – to place Afghanistan at the center of the luxury food scene. Along the way, we also made it our mission to inspire Afghan farmers, employ Afghan women, and bring pride back to Afghanistan’s agricultural sector. We recognized our artisan Afghan partners do not want to be controlled—they want to be empowered.

In addition, the unique flavor profile of our Afghan saffron has not gone unnoticed. From renowned Michelin-star chefs to food experts to specialty food retailers have all provided excellent reviews and added our saffron to their cuisine. Chefs and food lovers around the world are finding our Afghan saffron to be transformational.

Thus, we are introducing our new branding and website to reflect the pride and quality of Afghan saffron. Today, we announce RUMI, along with our redesigned branding, logo, and website to accompany it. We’ve also listened to your feedback –the website is now easier to navigate with a more product-centric focus. Additionally, we’ve added descriptive recipes and clearer culinary recommendations for our blends and saffron. Our hope is to make it even easier to enjoy our saffron with your everyday cooking routines.

Our commitment to creating the finest Afghan brand is unwavering. Our new brand authentically and simply conveys our passion for bringing people together over food to lay a long-term path for peace and sustainability.

We welcome you to get in touch with us and share your thoughts anytime. Drop us a line at – we would love to hear from you!

Thank you again for your steadfast support,

Team Rumi

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