Spicy and Sweet Ethiopian Berbere Packs some Series Flavor

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Spicy and Sweet Ethiopian Berbere Packs some Series Flavor - Rumi Spice

The backbone of Ethiopian and Eritrean cooking, Berbere is a spice blend that encompasses the beautiful and distinctive flavor of the North African region. Spicy, peppery, and mildly sweet, this bold blend is just what you need to add the perfect complex heat to your favorite dishes. Our unique Berbere blend includes our signature Afghan cumin and coriander, adding extra vibrant and earthy notes, distinctive of this unique region.

How can I use Berbere spice blend?

Use this flavor-packed blend to complement the inherent sweetness of any pork or poultry dish, or craft a traditional Ethiopian creation like Doro wot (Ethiopia's version of curry). Sprinkle some on roasted vegetables or whisk into olive oil for a spicy dry rub on beef, chicken, or whole grilled fish. This versatile spice is perfect for grilling season, adding just the right about of heat and complex flavor to your grilling favorites.

Get Cooking with Rumi Berbere

Spicy Berbere Meatballs

Crispy Berbere Chickpeas

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