What are Koobideh Kebabs? Learn how to make them at home!

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What are Koobideh Kebabs? Learn how to make them at home! - Rumi Spice

What is koobideh? 

Koobideh is a type of Middle Eastern kebab that is made from ground meat, typically lamb or beef. The meat is mixed with spices and formed into long, thin cylinders that are grilled on a skewer. 

Usually, koobideh kebabs are cooked over an open flame, but they can also be baked or grilled. One of the things we love about koobideh is that it is easy to make at home year-round. 

What does koobideh mean? Where did koobideh originate?

Koobideh comes from the Persian word "kubid," or “koobidan” which means "to beat." The traditional recipe for koobideh kebabs calls for the meat to be beaten with a mallet before it is mixed with onions, garlic, and spices. (But don’t worry, we have a recipe for you that won’t involve a mallet!)

How is koobideh made? How is koobideh served? 

The dish consists of ground lamb or beef that is mixed with spices and formed into kebabs. The resulting kebabs are succulent and flavorful, making them a popular dish in Afghanistan and many Middle Eastern countries. koobideh can be served alone or wrapped in lavash bread with vegetables and yogurt sauce. A dish like Kabuli Pulao makes a great side dish. Regardless of how it is served, koobideh is a delicious and versatile dish. 

What spices are used to make koobideh?

Koobideh recipes call for many different spices, but the most common spices used are cumin, paprika, and garlic powder. Other spices that can be used in koobideh include turmeric, chili powder, and coriander. These spices help create a delicious, flavorful kebab. You can experiment with different spice combinations to find the perfect flavor combination for your taste buds. 

What are the different variations of koobideh?

While koobideh is traditionally made with ground beef or lamb (or a combination of the two), it can be adjusted for most ground meats - chicken, turkey, or pork (or even a vegetarian option such as Beyond Meat.). Our favorite is definitely the beef koobideh recipe!

Why we love koobideh:

Some of the most popular spices in Koobideh - coriander, cumin and pepper - give it a rich, earthy flavor with just a bit of tanginess.  It is even more delicious wrapped in some bread, like lavash and topped with a fresh chopped salad (think tomatoes, cucumbers and cilantro.) 

While the meat is typically shaped into cylinders and put on a skewer, we’re not opposed to shaping it in to patties for a shortcut.  

Whether you are a seasoned chef or a beginner cook, koobideh is a great option for a delicious and easy weeknight meal. 

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