A Fresh and Authentic New Look for Rumi Spice

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A Fresh and Authentic New Look for Rumi Spice - Rumi Spice

Why is the Rumi Spice packaging Important? 

For many of you, your first interaction with our brand is through our product. And first and foremost, the product packaging. For several years, we have had a beautiful band symbolizing the saffron flower across all our packaging to show our roots, with our very first product being our amazing hand-harvested saffron. 

As we have grown and added more products, we have been using that same symbol across most of our packaging.   

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How is the Rumi Spice packaging changing?

With the continued expansion of our portfolio, we wanted to rethink our packaging and better link it to our roots in Afghanistan.  To do this, we wanted to work with someone in Afghanistan on creating this new design. While much has changed and many people have left Afghanistan with the change in political control last summer, there are so many talented and hardworking individuals that remain. 

With the help of one of our connections that we met through the Afghan embassy,  we were introduced to a design student living in Kabul, Zohra Jalal.  We shared our vision with Zohra to add a design to our packaging that represented Afghanistan and its beautiful and rich culture.  She created an incredible pattern that we are now incorporating into all our labels. 


What inspired the designer of the new Rumi Spice pattern?

Zohra shared with us a bit about her inspiration for her design:

For this design, she mentioned being inspired by hand-embroidered Afghan tent flowers.  She said that all her designs are “inspired by the society I live in today.” 
Zohra told us that design is her escape, and a way to stay busy and calm, during the challenging times her country is facing.
“I want my country to be calm in life with all the challenges that exist and the problems that exist. I like to study, in works of art that I can not progress at the moment, I like to always have something to do.”
She also shared with us her love of painting and that she previously was a journalist and the founder of Tablo Gallery. Where she set up and sold works of art and paintings

Her design is now incorporated into all our packaging and you will start to see it transition over on each of our products over the upcoming months. We chose to feature her design with colors that are inspired by Afghanistan. Red and orange as the predominant colors for our original product, saffron. The others incorporate shades of blue and yellow to show the richness and diversity of Afghanistan. 


We are both humbled and honored as we introduce this new packaging to you.  Our hope is that it is just one other way we can highlight the vibrancy of Afghanistan, its culture, and its people. 
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