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Whole Spice Gift Set

Whole Spice Gift Set

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Discover the rich and diverse tapestry of Afghanistan's culinary heritage with our Whole Spice Gift Set. Handpicked and sourced directly from the dedicated farmers and foragers of Afghanistan, each spice in this collection is a testament to the region's unique terroir and traditional harvesting methods. This set is not just a collection of spices; it's an invitation to experience the authentic flavors and aromas that have been cherished for generations.


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The Perfect Gift

The Culinary Historian: For those who love to delve into the history and origins of their food, this set offers a direct connection to Afghanistan's rich culinary heritage.

The Gourmet Home Chef: Ideal for home cooks who pride themselves on using only the finest, most authentic ingredients in their kitchen, this set brings a new level of flavor and quality to their dishes.

The World Cuisine Enthusiast: Perfect for anyone who enjoys exploring and cooking diverse global cuisines, these spices will add authentic Afghan flavors to their culinary creations.

The Ethical Food Shopper: For those who value ethically sourced and sustainably harvested ingredients, this set is a meaningful gift that aligns with their principles.

The Spice Connoisseur: This set is a dream for spice lovers who appreciate the subtleties of flavor and aroma that only whole, freshly ground spices can provide.

The Health-Conscious Cook: Given the health benefits of whole spices, this set is ideal for those who look to incorporate natural, wholesome ingredients into their diet.

The Artisanal Food Appreciator: For friends and family who appreciate artisanal, handcrafted products, this set offers a taste of Afghanistan's traditional spice farming and harvesting methods.

The Adventurous Cook: This set is a fantastic gift for those who love experimenting in the kitchen and are always eager to try new flavors and ingredients.

The Eco-Friendly Gourmet: Knowing that these spices are sourced directly from farmers and foragers, this gift appeals to those who are conscious about the environmental impact of their food choices.

The Beginner Cook: For someone just starting their culinary journey, this set provides an easy and accessible way to start experimenting with whole spices and discovering the wonders they can bring to a dish.

What's Included?

Why We Love it

Our Whole Spice Gift Set is a passport to the heart of Afghanistan's culinary landscape. Every pinch of our floral saffron, every sprinkle of our peppery fennel, and every grain of our citrusy coriander tells a story of the rich soils, traditional farming practices, and the passionate hands that harvested them. And then there's the wild black cumin, with its earthy, piney notes, a true reflection of the wild terrains near the Hindu Kush mountains. To truly appreciate the depth and complexity of these spices, toast them whole and grind them fresh. The transformation in flavor is profound, turning every dish into a gourmet experience.

Social Impact and Women's Empowerment

Our mission extends beyond spices. Every purchase from Rumi Spice plays a vital role in empowering Afghan farmers, fostering sustainable agricultural practices, and supporting the economic growth of local communities. We take pride in creating opportunities and championing the roles of these individuals in their communities.

Central to our ethos is the empowerment of Afghan women. We employ them in various roles, from harvesting to processing various spices. This initiative provides them with direct wages and opportunities, fostering their economic independence and highlighting their invaluable contributions to both Rumi Spice and their communities.

Our Mission

The Best Spices are from Afghanistan

Afghanistan's diverse landscape, from the soaring Hindu Kush mountains to the arid plains surrounding Herat, provides an ideal environment for cultivating some of the world's most exquisite spices. This land, nurtured by hot, dry winds and a semi-arid climate, yields unparalleled saffron, renowned globally for its high crocin content, vibrant color, and intense flavor. Beyond saffron, Afghanistan's wild foraged spices, including rare varieties like wild black cumin, are a testament to the purity and richness of the land.

At Rumi Spice, we cherish this connection to Afghanistan, not only for the exceptional quality of its spices but also for the opportunity it presents to empower local communities, preserve traditional practices, and foster sustainable economic growth.

Why Afghanistan?