Rumi Spice Appears on ABC's Shark Tank

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Rumi Spice Appears on ABC's Shark Tank - Rumi Spice

From the Battlefields of Afghanistan into the Shark Tank

Rumi Spice on Shark Tank

Watch Team Rumi take on the Sharks on ABC

Friday August 25th, 8pm | 7pm CST

We're excited to announce that team Rumi will be appearing on ABC's Shark Tank on Friday August 25th! 

If you missed us the first time in May here is your chance to see us again as we take on the Sharks.

We started this audacious mission to cultivate peace in Afghanistan in 2014. Since those humble beginnings we have grown to a network of over 100 farmers, employ 300 women, and are the largest foreign direct investment in Afghanistan agriculture. For our partners in Afghanistan, this is transformative. Not only are we connecting Afghan farmers to international markets, we are also providing farmers an alternative to opium cultivation, which is a revenue source for the Taliban.  We are proving that economic development is key to achieving a peaceful and stable Afghanistan.

From the arid plains of Afghanistan to the South Side of Chicago, our saffron has quite a story to tell. We source only the highest quality saffron in the world directly from Afghan farmers. Our Afghan saffron is used by Michelin star chefs, restaurants, and foodies throughout the US. 

Watch us on Friday and join our mission to help us cultivate peace! 


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