Citrus & Coriander Brined Turkey

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Citrus & Coriander Brined Turkey - Rumi Spice

Thanksgiving is a time of tradition, gratitude, and, most importantly, a feast that brings everyone together. This year, make your celebration unforgettable with our Citrus & Coriander Brined Turkey. Infused with the unique flavors of Rumi Spice coriander seeds and a medley of fresh ingredients, this recipe promises to be the centerpiece of your Thanksgiving table.

The Magic of Toasted Whole Seed Rumi Coriander

Toasting Rumi Spice coriander seeds unlocks their full potential, releasing a warm, citrusy, and slightly sweet flavor. These seeds are the secret ingredient that makes your turkey pop with an exotic twist. Their lemony character pairs perfectly with the citrus elements in the brine, creating a flavor profile that's both unique and memorable. Learn more about toasting spices.

Why Brining is Essential

Brining is a crucial step in achieving a moist and flavorful turkey. The saltwater mixture tenderizes the meat, breaking down proteins for a juicier, more succulent bird. The blend of salt, sugar, and spices in the brine deeply infuses the turkey, ensuring every bite is rich in flavor.

Choosing the Best Ingredients

For the best culinary experience, we recommend selecting an organic turkey from Whole Foods. Organic turkeys are typically raised with higher welfare standards, resulting in better quality meat. Whole Foods is your one-stop shop for all the ingredients in this recipe, including our top-notch Rumi Spice coriander seeds. This ensures your Thanksgiving turkey is not only delectable but also ethically sourced. Check out our store locator to find your nearest Whole Foods.

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