Healthy Orange Coriander Cookies

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Healthy Orange Coriander Cookies - Rumi Spice

This cookie is not your average, run-of-the-mill sweet treat. It's a cookie with character, with a bit of an edge. The whole wheat and oat flour? They're not just there for the health kick; they bring a depth and heartiness that's as comforting as your favorite sweater.

And then, there's the coriander.

Who would've thought, right?

But it works. It brings a warm, almost unexpected flavor that makes you go, "Oh, what's that?" It's a bit daring, a little outside the box.

The fresh orange zest and juice are like a bright melody, cutting through the richness of the cookie with a citrusy zing that's just so right.

It's the kind of cookie that feels a little bit like a mini-rebellion against the ordinary, a small act of culinary defiance that you can enjoy with your afternoon coffee. It's not just about feeding your hunger; it's about feeding your soul with something that feels a bit more crafted, a bit more 'you'.

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