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Za'atar Tzatziki

No fresh herbs, no problem. Making homemade tzatziki sauce is now easier than ever before, with a little help from ou...

Baharat Chickpea Salad

This delicious, veggie-packed Baharat Chickpea Salad is about to become your new summer staple. Make it for your next...

Grilled Harissa Cauliflower Steaks

These grilled cauliflower steaks are so packed with flavor you won't even miss the meat. Crispy on the outside, tende...

Sweet Saffron Rice with Valley Figlets

In celebration of Eid al-Fitr, marking the end of the Ramadan fast, we've teamed up with Valley Fig Growers to bring ...

Afghan Green Chutney

This herbaceous fresh cilantro chutney is just as versatile as it is delicious. The perfect dipping sauces for crispy...

Ramadan Potato Pakoras

Recipe written by chef Habiba Syed: "These crunchy golden potato pakoras are a Ramadan staple. My mom would fry these...

Stuffed Dates with Harissa Maple Drizzle

Dates are a staple in the evening Iftar meal (celebrating the breaking of the daily Ramadan fast), eaten for their h...

Crunchy Dill Cucumber Salad

Crisp veggies, tart apples, and zesty dill seeds come together in this simple seasonal side. Feel free to mix and mat...

Sheveed Polo (herbed dill rice)

A show-stopping side dish that goes great with just about everything. This herbaceous rice gets an extra boost of fla...

Best-Ever Hummus

The secret to ultra-creamy hummus? Boiling your chickpeas in baking soda under they're super tender. The secret to ul...

Tachin (Baked Saffron Rice)

With its signature crackled bottom and vibrant golden color, tachin is a centerpiece for Persian cooking. Serve this tachin at your Nowruz celebration alongside fresh herbs and dried fruit to ring in the new year and celebrate springtime. 

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