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5 Rice Recipes

Whether you are Plant-Based, Vegan, Vegetarian or just like rice as a side dish with your dinner meal, you’re in luck because September is National Rice Month. (Who knew?) In honor of one of our favorite foods, we are sharing some seriously yummy rice recipes.

Cumin-Scented Quinoa and Black Rice

Looking for something different than traditional basmati rice or jasmine rice? Try a new option like black rice, then combine it with a complete protein source, like quinoa. Bon Appetit does this to create the culinary masterpiece in this recipe for Cumin-Scented Quinoa and Black Rice. A variety of citrus, herbs, and spices like black pepper, cilantro, chives, cumin (available at Rumi Spice soon!), garlic, lemon, and parsley make this dish extra savory. Top it off with a few fresh avocado slices and you have a complete meal for home or the office.

Easy Saffron Rice

If you are working on your culinary skills or just looking for a quick and delicious recipe to make any day of the week, it can’t get more simple than this recipe for Easy Saffron Rice. Pair it with your favorite roasted vegetables or protein source like beef, chicken, fish, lamb or pork, this recipe goes well with pretty much anything. You can even enjoy it on its own for a satisfying and satiating snack midday.

Indian Rice Pudding

Made with sweet and savory ingredients like cardamom, coconut milk, pistachios and raisins, this recipe for Indian Rice Pudding by Food Network is the perfect dessert option for a casual weeknight in or a weekend dinner party with family and friends. We suggest steeping a pinch of saffron into the milk before combining it with the other ingredients. Saffron pairs beautifully with cardamom!

Saffron Herb Pistachio Rice

Once you’ve mastered the recipe for Easy Saffron Rice, tackle your skills with this recipe for Saffron Herb Pistachio Rice. Made with delicate flavors like dill, lemon, saffron and tarragon, this rice recipe is topped with a handful of chopped raisins and toasted pistachios for an added touch of taste and texture.

Saffron Arroz con Leche

Sweet tooth? Whip up a batch of rice! That’s right, rice can be the perfect option to satisfy those sweet cravings with this recipe for Saffron Arroz con Leche. This traditional Mexican rice pudding with a pinch of saffron gives an elegant twist to a familiar favorite.

No matter what meals you decide to make this month, be sure to include one of these recipes. Afterall, September is National Rice Month so why not celebrate with a delicious rice dish?

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