B the Best for the World: Celebrating B Corp Month with Rumi Spice

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B the Best for the World: Celebrating B Corp Month with Rumi Spice - Rumi Spice

It’s that time of year again B Corp month is here, and with it, a time to go “behind the B” and reflect on how we give back to our communities. 

As a B Corporation, Rumi has dedicated its operations and mission to promote a purpose-driven global economy. Mission has always sat at the core of everything that we do, and our roots remain in Afghanistan as we continue to create jobs that support local economies and empower Afghan women and farmers.

What is a B Corp?

B Corporations are companies that dedicate their business operations to making a positive global impact. Part of this dedication to making a positive impact involves transparent business practices, which is why we, like so many B Corporations, make it a part of our routine to share the impact we’re making with our communities. 

Our B Corp pillars of operation:


Our impact reports are an important part of our transparency as a B Corporation. We want to share how we work with our partners in Afghanistan and how our presence continues to make a positive impact on the lives of our workers and their communities. We're always striving to show our loyal customers the people and processes behind their favorite Rumi spices. And through these bold, global flavors, we strive to make connections to the vibrant culture and communities of Afghanistan.


Our Veteran founders remain close to our company, and we keep their vision alive as we continue to forge a more peaceful relationship with Afghanistan through partnership, community, and shared purpose. Our purpose has always been to deliver high-quality ingredients by empowering and supporting the farmers in Afghanistan, bringing you closer to the process, and creating pathways to make these products available on a global scale.


Environment means a lot to Rumi, both physically and emotionally. The unique harvest seasons in Afghanistan make it possible for us to deliver some of the highest quality, most flavorful spices to your kitchens. Additionally, Afghanistan's mountainous and hilly terrain provides an ideal environment for spices like fennel and cumin to grow bountifully during the summer season, while the vibrant crocus flowers that produce saffron thrive in the fall.

As important as the soil is to a healthy harvest, so is the environment we create when we partner with farmers, vendors, and team members. We always aim to foster peaceful, welcoming environments for our partners and employees.


We’ve committed our mission to uplifting Afghan women in addition to their communities. We’re proud to represent a company with a 95% female harvesting team. Our corporate team is also dedicated to uplifting women, under the leadership of our CEO and "Head Spice Girl" Patti Doyle. 


By partnering with Afghan farmers and distributors, we are not only supporting local economies and giving our spices a global stage, we are also planting seeds for change and peace by creating an example of global collaboration. This past year, Rumi Spice was added to B Lab’s 'Best for the World: Community' list for a second time, and we’re proud to continue this tradition of community at our core. Learn more about B Lab’s Best for the World here

Our loyal customers spread this sense of community when they support Rumi Spice and help us spread our mission of Spice as a Force for Good. To our customers, we want to say thank you for your continued support of our mission. Your love of Rumi Spice means more than an investment in flavor. You’ve invested in Spice as a Force for Good.

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