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Rumi Spice Company Collaborations - Rumi Spice

Our team here are Rumi Spice has been hard at work collaborating with other brilliant, like-minded companies to bring you some epic company collaborations which means some delicious, one-of-a-kind products for you. Here are nine of our most recent company collaborations Rumi Spice is working with for your culinary enjoyment.

Blue Apron

Our team is thrilled to be collaborating with Blue Apron to give you our classic Afghan saffron. Looking for some kitchen inspiration? Try this Blue Apron recipe for seared salmon with glazed carrots and a saffron-yogurt sauce.

Blue Apron is a meal delivery kit system that offers at-home cooks chef-designed, step-by-step recipes. Choose which recipes you want to eat each week then get fresh, seasonal ingredients delivered right to your door. Cook up delicious, unforgettable meals from scratch with Blue Apron!

Bon Bon Bon

Rumi Spice is excited to be collaborating with Bon Bon Bon to bring you a springtime inspired collection of bon bon bons complete with a saffron infused mango and coconut caramel. We give you, the Beach Boyft.”

Bon Bon Bon is an artisan bon bon boutique located in the heart of Detroit. Internationally trained artisan confiseurs use classic French techniques, a little Detroit ingenuity, a lot of local ingredients and some artistic interpretation to create classic and unique combinations of chocolate flavors. Bon Bon Bon proudly offers good chocolates made from good ingredients for good people.

Frontier Co-Op

Although Frontier Co-Op and Rumi Spice are not pairing up to bring you a product, we wanted to recognize how much we enjoy partnering with this amazing company. Frontier Co-Op has provided Rumi Spice with grants that have improved our operations in Afghanistan, which has helped us grow and further support our mission to empower the Afghan people and economy in life changing ways.

Frontier Co-Op is a major supplier of natural products. Whether you are buying groceries, beauty products, home goods or pet supplies, Frontier Co-Op delivers products that support the values of their natural products consumers.

Haint Blue Brewing Company

Rumi Spice is teaming up with Haint Blue Brewing Company to bring you the Marianne Beer. The Saison in the Marianne Beer is proudly spiced with Rumi Spice saffron and is helping the Afghan economy through beer. Cheers to that!

Founded by Keith Sherril, Haint Blue Brewing was inspired by the culture of brew houses nestled at the base of Mount Rainier, which happens to be the most fertile hop growing regions in the world. Sherril, wanted to bottle (literally) the brewing culture he witnessed when visiting Mount Rainier, so he brought it back home with him to Mobile, Alabama, where he founded Haint Blue Brewing.

Le Bon Magot

We are excited to be working with Le Bon Magot to bring you Lemon-Sultana Marmalata with Caraway & Saffron. This one-of-a-kind marmalata adds a touch of sweetness to your favorite foods like toasted pistachios, crunchy granola, creamy yogurt or a thick slab of country toast.

Le Bon Magot, or the “hidden treasure,” offers an array of products developed from heirloom recipes using natural ingredients, high-quality produce and custom-blended aromatics. Made in the USA in small batches and created in the artisan tradition, Le Bon Magot’s products rely on classical cookery methods and all-natural preservation techniques to create special flavors, to inspire cooks and diners on their own culinary journeys.

Republic of Tea

Our team is thrilled to be working with the Republic of Tea to bring you Saffron Rose tea. The distinct aroma of the saffron rose tea elevates its sweet yet savory flavor bringing you a cup of tea with delicate floral notes with a silky, smooth finish.

The Republic of Tea is dedicated to revolutionizing the way men, women and children drink tea. Constantly working to enrich people’s lives through the experience of premium teas, education and innovation, the Republic of Tea offers teas and herbs from the most prized tea gardens in the world.

Rishi Tea & Botanicals

We are excited to be working with Rishi Tea & Botanicals to bring you Saffron Bitters. Cardamom, eucalyptus and Afghan saffron come together to give you a dynamic yet well balanced cup of tea with euphoric aromatics that will leave you feeling energized.

Rishi Tea was founded on the belief that organic certified teas and herbs, grown without the use of chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides, are healthier for tea farmers, the Earth and tea drinkers. Rishi means “one who is a seer, sage or seeker of truth,” which is why Rishi Tea only believes in bringing you the very best products.

Sacred Serve

Rumi Spice is thrilled to be working alongside our neighbor (their plant is right next door to ours!) and another Chicago-based company to bring you saffron vegan gelato. Infused with Afghan saffron, cardamom, cinnamon and rosewater, this vegan gelato delivers a subtle chai flavor and with less sugar than an apple, this is a gelato you can feel good about eating!

Sacred Serve is a conscious creamery that has taken old world recipes and nutritionally enhanced them to offer plant-based nutrition. Their handmade gelato is created in small batches using organic and non-GMO ingredients all of which are free of gluten, dairy and soy, which will leave taste buds and tummies rejoicing.

The Zen of Slow Cooking

Our team is so happy to be working with The Zen of Slow Cooking to bring you a Moroccan Tagine. Spiced, but not hot, Moroccan Tagine makes the perfect addition to a vibrant salad, hearty hummus or sprinkled on a bed of couscous. Moroccan tagine can also be paired with a herbal fruity tea like green tea, mint or hibiscus.

The Zen of Slow Cooking offers foods that are mindful, nourishing, relevant and simple to create delicious meals. The Zen of Slow Cooking proudly employs individuals with learning challenges providing opportunities to for them to learn and grow in an industry they enjoy.


Be on the lookout for these epic Rumi Spice company collaborations and be sure to tag us on social media @Rumi_Spice so we can see what product mash-ups you enjoy most.

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