Women Empowering Women: Meet the Women of Rumi Spice

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Women Empowering Women: Meet the Women of Rumi Spice - Rumi Spice

Women influence up to 80% of global buying decisions, but hold just 24% of senior roles in business. In response to this gender gap, there is a huge movement among women to empower one another through business.

As a team made up of mostly women, we are especially passionate about empowering the strong women of Afghanistan. We help provide job opportunities for over 3,700 Afghan women to hand harvest and process our spices.

Hear the “why” behind what we do from a few of the women behind the scenes of Rumi Spice:

Resiliency is Female

Our CEO Patti D. is inspired by the resilient women of Afghanistan. She says “The women we support in Afghanistan through our business is what motivates me. Their stories are incredibly inspiring and every single one of them is strong, working to build stability for their families in a country where it can be hard to achieve.”. 

Women Against All Odds

Imelda L. on our marketing team is motivated by shaking up what it means to be a business in a male dominated industry. She states “I work at Rumi Spice because we are going against the grain. We are founded by women, led by women, and work to support Afghan women. What more could I ask for in a company?”

A Team of Super Women

Augusta S. on our sales team is driven by our team of Super Women. She believes, “it is inspiring to work in an environment full of smart and strong women working to get things done for the women of Afghanistan”. Surrounding yourself with like minded women in the business world is motivating when such a gender gap exists.

Women Breaking Barriers

Our head of Quality and R&D, Laura W. is compelled by the perseverance she encountered while in Afghanistan. She recounts “In 2017, I had the privilege of getting to meet and work with two fellow women food scientists from Herat University in Afghanistan - one of whom is now a Quality manager for our saffron supply. Us women in science fields are already well aware that we are outnumbered by men - but to see the additional cultural challenges that these amazingly smart and capable ladies faced in their home country where women struggle to find formal employment, not to mention leadership roles, was both incredibly humbling and motivating.”.

Our team of women are compelled by different reasons, but with the same goal in mind: female empowerment.

How can you help support women? Vote everyday with your dollars and support female-led, female empowering companies that know what it means to disrupt the status-quo.

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