The Rumi Spice Fennel Feature: How To Use Our Favorite Flavorful Seed

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The Rumi Spice Fennel Feature: How To Use Our Favorite Flavorful Seed - Rumi Spice

We’re wild for Afghan Wild Foraged Fennel! To celebrate this special seed, we’re giving you the official rundown on fennel: what it is, how to use it, plus some of our favorite recipes for adding fennel flavor to your favorite dishes. 

What is fennel? 

You’ve likely seen the classic bulb-like look of the fennel plant, complete with a white, round base and green fronds up top. Fennel seeds are actually the dried “fruit” part of that plant, which can be used ground or whole, toasted or raw to impart a sweet, anise-like taste to your dishes. 

Learn more about the fennel plant, its seeds, and its history here.  

How can you use it?

How you use your spices matters. Our Afghan Wild Foraged Fennel has so many uses, whether you choose to grind, toast, or use the seeds whole and raw. Whole spices like fennel seeds are especially versatile in this way. You can unlock the possibilities by grinding your seeds in a mortar and pestle to use in baked goods, meat rubs, and even cocktails. Whole fennel seeds can also be sprinkled over the top of breads to produce a crackly crust. 

You can check out our complete guide to using whole spices here

Let’s see it in action: Our Favorite Fennel Recipes

Our classic “Fen & Tonic” with Fennel Simple Syrup 

A twist on your favorite gin cocktail. The fennel seeds add to the floral aroma of the gin, thanks to a sweet and flavorful simple syrup. Watch the full video here for a step by step tutorial, or check out the full recipe. 

A healthy take on tea time with Fennel & Cumin 

Combine spices you already have in your pantry for an immunity boosting tonic. Served hot or cold, add this fennel-based tea to your daily wellness routine. 

Shop Rumi Spice Wild Foraged Fennel 

By itself or combined with some of our favorite spices and blends, fennel is a multi use seed you’re sure to want in your kitchen. Explore the possibilities of Rumi Spice Afghan Wild Foraged Fennel here.

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