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Saffron Threads, Bulk, 1 ounce

Saffron Threads, Bulk, 1 ounce
Saffron Threads, Bulk, 1 ounce
Saffron Threads, Bulk, 1 ounce
Saffron Threads, Bulk, 1 ounce
Saffron Threads, Bulk, 1 ounce
Product image 1Saffron Threads, Bulk, 1 ounce
Product image 2Saffron Threads, Bulk, 1 ounce
Product image 3Saffron Threads, Bulk, 1 ounce
Product image 4Saffron Threads, Bulk, 1 ounce
Product image 5Saffron Threads, Bulk, 1 ounce

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An abundance of pure Afghan saffron in a classic round tin. Rumi Afghan saffron is known for being the world's highest quality saffron. This is used by world-class chefs and Michelin-star restaurants. Perfect option for restaurants, saffron-themed dinner parties, and much more! 

With the aroma and flavor profile of Rumi Spice saffron, you only need 8-12 threads when cooking rice or risotto for two. The amount of saffron varies by recipe, but a healthy pinch of saffron is a solid benchmark.

Add warm (not boiling) water to the saffron threads in a small dish. A few tablespoons of water is enough. You should see a golden hue begin to emerge in the water. Let the threads soak in water for 5-10 minutes, ideally up to 20 minutes.

After the saffron is finished steeping, you may add the saffron and liquid to whatever you're cooking, such as risotto, paella, or soup. If making a dish or sauce requiring wine, infuse the saffron directly in wine. The compounds are drawn out even further, and the flavor profile is more pronounced.

Another way to bring out the full flavor profile of saffron is to crush the threads with a mortar and pestle to a powder-like consistency. We suggest this for non-liquid recipes or baking, like when making saffron cookies or cake.



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''about the < bulk of Saffron Threads ? >

..I'm very thankful, my husband is happy, He is the one using the Saffron , medical purpose , improving the eye site... And on this way, ''bulk '' more convenient for us, speaking about the price. Also we are thankful, the shipping is on time and good condition . Thank you again, angela

Rumi Spice

Angela, We're so happy you and your husband are enjoying our saffron - Thank you for your support & the review! Take care, Rumi Spice


good product

great product I have taking it as tea for over a year


good quality

i prepared a tea every morning. I have been doing for 3 months. so far I have noticed better memory. it is expensive, but just a few pieces of the saffron is enough. too much can give you a headache

A Rumi Spice Customer
Kathy S.

They provide excellent service. Also follow-up w/chef recipes. I've requested vegan options.

Jennifer F.

Back 4 more love it that much

I have been enjoying this beautiful beloved n trusted saffron quality so much so i came back 4 more id say with my risotto Malinese preparation i do a double batch can take a full gram cuz a pinch goes into the evoo n unsalted butter n pink salt n fresh pepper n shallot pan n then a pinch goes into the low sodium chicken broth pot with fresh parsley n fresh pepper n a 1/2 pinch goes into the dry risotto n fresh pepper n pink salt bowl that gets dumped into the 1st pan with shallots n use the seasoned chicken broth as i cook the fun is to sit n watch the golden fustion happen its so fun to watch n even more gratifying when it disappears in 2 days literally this saffron is so exquisite n beautiful n delicious the flavor just is delicious n delicate n luxurious I said 1ns in previous review post as long as you keep it in a cool n dry n no other oders n dark spot as expensive as this is it will be gracious to your wallet thank you all for service to our country i aploud you

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