International Women's Day Giveaway

  • Our Place - Always Pan 2.0

    $150 value

    This 10.5" 10-in-1 bestselling cookware system is a versatile and durable kitchen essential.

  • Mata Traders - Callie 3/4 Sleeve Wrap Dress Diamond Vine Dark Purple

    $78.00 value

    A fair trade dress made with organic cotton, it's cute, comfortable, and empowers women in India.

  • Rumi Spice Gift Sets

    $85 value

    These sets feature a selection of Rumi Spice's directly sourced, high-quality spices from Afghanistan, perfect for enhancing any culinary creation.

  • The Bibi Collective - Evil Eye Cozy Crewneck

    $65 value

    Sporting two hand embroidered and uniquely designed evil eyes on the front with delicate white piping down the sleeve, this crew neck is cute, cozy, and is hand embroidered by Afghan women refugees.

The Brands Behind the Giveaway

Mata Traders

By choosing Mata Traders, you wear your ethics. Their garments are handcrafted by women artisans in India and Nepal, promoting fair trade and female empowerment in the fashion industry.

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The Bibi Collective

Empowering Afghan refugee mother artisans in the US, The Bibi Collective is a testament to resilience, creativity, and the pursuit of financial independence through traditional craftsmanship.

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Rumi Spice

Unlike other spice brands, Rumi Spice is laser-focused on a mission: providing sustainable livelihoods and empowering women in Afghanistan.

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Your Choice, A Global Impact

Choosing where to spend your money can change the world. This giveaway celebrates not just the winners but every individual's potential to support sustainable practices and empower communities. By joining, you're part of a movement that values ethical consumerism and the profound impact it has on our global family.

This International Women's Day, let's pledge to make choices that inspire and enact change. Sign up for the giveaway, spread the word, and remember: together, our choices forge a path to a more equitable and sustainable future.

Thank you for embracing empowerment with us. Happy International Women's Day!