Cooking with Purpose Giveaway

The Giveaway has ended. Make sure to follow @rumi_spice @matriarkfoods and @eatsimpli on instagram for future giveaways.

  • Great Jones Dutch Oven - The Dutchess

    $160 value

    This 6.75-quart enameled cast-iron Dutch oven is a versatile and durable kitchen essential.

  • SIMPLi Pantry Staples Bundle

    $140 value

    This bundle includes of a range of SIMPLi products, complete with ethically sourced salts, single origin Extra Virgin Olive Oil, & Regenerative Organic Certified® beans, grains, and superfoods

  • Rumi Spice Gift Sets

    $110 value

    These sets feature a selection of Rumi Spice's directly sourced, high-quality spices from Afghanistan, perfect for enhancing any culinary creation.

  • Matriark Upcycled Sauces

    $60 value

    Matriark is giving away 2 Matriark Upcycled Pasta Sauce Variety Packs. These include Gentle Marinara, Tomato Basil, and Arrabbiata.

The Brands Behind the Giveaway


SIMPLi is a leading regenerative food company on a mission to connect people around the world through the joy of food. Founded in 2020, SIMPLi co-founders Sarela Herrada and Matt Cohen sought to bring the best single-origin ingredients from around the world directly to you in a way that equally benefits people, producers, and the planet.

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Matriark Foods is revolutionizing the way we eat. By upcycling farm surplus into delicious, healthy products, Matriark is tackling food waste and supporting sustainable practices, all while delivering mouth-watering flavors to your table.

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Rumi Spice

Unlike other spice brands, Rumi Spice is laser-focused on a mission: providing sustainable livelihoods in Afghanistan. Every jar of Rumi spice doesn't just elevate your meals; it uplifts a community, empowers women, and brings hope to a region that needs it.

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  • Spicy Vegan Peanut Stew

    This Spicy Vegan Peanut Stew combines the rich and spicy flavors of Matriark's Arrabbiata sauce and Rumi Spice Harissa with hearty sweet potatoes and protein-packed SIMPLi chickpeas, creating a deliciously warming and nourishing meal perfect for winter.

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  • Hearty Sustainable Chili

    This robust and sustainable chili recipe brings together the bold flavors of Rumi Spice's seasonings, the rich depth of Matriark's pasta sauce, and the hearty, organic texture of SIMPLi beans, creating a comforting and eco-conscious dish perfect for any season.

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