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Baharat Chicken Thigh Kebabs

These simple Baharat chicken kebabs are so easy to make yet loaded with so much flavor. Serve them up with pita, fres...

Crispy Baked Baharat Chicken

This simple, easy recipe for baked chicken thighs is a perfect go-to for your weekly meal plan - enjoy crispy, juicy chicken seasoned with Rumi's sweet & savory baharat blend.

Baharat Texas Sheet Cake

Texas meets baharat in this fusion of sharp, dark cocoa mellowed by sweet, savory spices. Similar to the baharat blend, no one can quite pinpoint the genesis of the classic Texas Sheet cake.  But, it is undisputed that this sweet, easy-to-make treat has spread wide and far from its original birthplace - the Lone Star State.

Baharat Country Style Ribs

This recipe for country style pork ribs was inspired by a friend of Rumi who learned it down in Mobile, Alabama.  Spiced with our sweet & savory baharat blend, these soft and tender ribs with be a delight at your next grill out.

Hummus with Baharat Spiced Beyond Burger®

Spiced beef with hummus is a popular appetizer in the Middle East. Try our vegetarian spin on this classic recipe using Beyond Burger (or your favorite meat alternative) with Rumi's Baharat spice blend - a healthy, flavorful meat-free dish.

Pomegranate Salad with Baharat Vinaigrette

Pomegranate seeds, pecans and feta give this salad a bright crunch, while the baharat vinaigrette adds a middle eastern flair to the flavors.

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