8 Cooking Tips and Tricks from Real Moms

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8 Cooking Tips and Tricks from Real Moms - Rumi Spice

As a child, some of our best moments were in the kitchen watching our moms prep, cook, and taste her favorite dishes. We’ve learned all types of hacks and tricks from cookbooks and food shows, but some of the best kitchen wisdom comes from our mothers. 

For Mother’s Day, we’ve gathered some of the best cooking tips, tricks, and hacks from our actual moms:


Cooking tip from mom, always use butter

#1 Don’t be shy with the butter -
It adds so much flavor to baked goods, dishes, & sauces.
cooking tip from mothers, always cooking using ingredients with a lot of bright colors like vegetables that are good for you
#2 Cook with color -
You should always appreciate food that looks really beautiful & it turns out most of the really nice, vibrant veggies are the best for you.
 cooking tip from mothers, always clean as you cook
#3 Clean as you go -
Avoid making a large mess in the kitchen by always cleaning up as you cook.
 cooking tip from mothers, preheat the oven unless the recipe says otherwise
#4 Always preheat the oven -
Unless the recipe said otherwise.
 cooking tip from mothers, always brown your meat before cooking in an instant pot
#5 Brown your proteins first when using a crock pot -
It saves a lot of time plus it adds color, texture, & flavor to your meat.
 cooking tip from mothers, create your own buttermilk with lemon and milk
#6 Out of buttermilk? Make your own -
Simply mix 2 Tbsp of lemon juice to 1 cup of regular milk and let it sit for 30 minutes. After the milk curdles it is ready to use!
 cooking tips from mothers, garlic and salt are your secret weapon in sauces and salsa
#7 Garlic & salt can be your best friend -
These are your secret flavor weapons when making a salsa or savory sauce.
 cooking tip from mothers, don't stress if a recipe doesn't work because you can always order take out from your favorite restaurants
#8 Recipe not working out?
Don’t stress & order take out


Do you have any cooking tips that the moms in your life swear by? Share them in the comments below!

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