Become a Saffron Expert With Our Rumi Spice Guide To Cooking With Saffron

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Become a Saffron Expert With Our Rumi Spice Guide To Cooking With Saffron - Rumi Spice

Saffron is a unique spice, from its vibrant color to its characteristic threadlike appearance. Using saffron at home can be as easy as using any other spice in your cabinet, but with a few key tricks, you can maximize its unique flavor. This week, we’re diving into blooming, grinding, and cooking with Rumi Spice saffron threads.


Blooming Your Saffron

Saffron makes a unique and luxurious addition to your cooking, baking, or cocktail crafting projects. Many recipes require you to first bloom the spice to extract its trademark color and flavor into a golden liquid. To achieve bloomed saffron, you have a few options- one hot and one cold.

We recommend grinding 8 to 12 saffron threads in a mortar and pestle until you’ve achieved a fine, red-orange powder. From there, the hot route calls for a few tablespoons of very hot or boiling water. Allow your saffron to steep for 15-20 minutes- you’ll notice the fragrant aroma wafting off your bowl. If you’re lacking a mortar and pestle, you can still achieve the bloomed effect by adding the threads directly to warm water, steeping and removing the threads before adding the liquid to your recipe. 

The cold-bloomed method requires a bit more time and patience, however many cooks prefer this method to ensure that the spice remains flavorful and not compromised by the heat. You’ll take your ground saffron threads and sprinkle them over a few cubes of ice, allowing the ice to melt over time to achieve the same golden saffron liquid. 

Some recipes also call for blooming saffron in milk or chicken stock.  You can use the hot approach outlined above and just swap out the water. 

From here, you can add the saffron liquid to cocktails, braises, and any other liquid-based recipes.


Other Uses for Saffron Threads

Saffron threads can also be added directly to recipes like soup and paella, which allow the saffron to bloom as it cooks. You can use this method in recipes with longer cook time like risotto. Some recipes may also call for you to toast your saffron threads in a dry pan or with a small amount of oil. This allows the threads to become more brittle and break apart.

Discover Some Of Our Favorite Basic Saffron Recipes:

Paella Mixta

For the best of both worlds, we love a Paella Mixta that not only combines some of our favorite proteins, but also two of our favorite Rumi Spice products. Saffron threads come together with Rumi’s Paella Blend for a burst of traditional Paella flavor. 

Saffron Simple Syrup

For a bit of flair in your favorite cocktails, Saffron Simple Syrup is an easy and unique way to add a touch of sweetness. Add to a Moscow Mule, or even to a summer spritzer. You can also make a large batch and store the syrup in the fridge for up to a month.  

Risotto Milanese with Rumi Saffron

The perfect creamy side dish for any protein, risotto Milanese is a classic rice preparation that’s sure to impress your guests (or even just yourself). This recipe comes together in the Instant Pot, making it as easy as it is luxurious and flavorful. 

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