[Press Release] Rumi Spice Furthers Social Mission By Sourcing Unique Cumin Variety from the Hindu Kush Mountain in Afghanistan

Company expands portfolio with Wild Black Cumin and four new spice blends

Chicago, IL (November 14, 2019) Today, Rumi Spice announced the availability of its new Wild Black Cumin and Cumin spice blends, furthering their social mission while expanding their product portfolio.

Indigenous to the Old Persian Empire, black cumin is not well-known outside of the Middle East. Rumi’s Black Cumin grows wild along the foothills of the Hindu Kush Mountains in Afghanistan. The mountainous terroir adds an extra layer of sharp earthy and piney flavors to the black cumin spice that differentiates it from the more common varieties available. 

Hand harvested by women and men in the mountain villages, sourcing this exotic spice furthers their social mission to provide economic development through the creation of additional agricultural jobs for the women and men of Afghanistan.

Besides the Wild Afghan Black Cumin (2.4 oz), the spice is available in four signature blends, Southwest Chili Spice Blend (2.5 oz), Ethiopian Berbere Spice Blend (2.5 oz), Persian Gulf Baharat Spice Blend (2.5 oz), each formulated to bring unique, easy, and delicious flavors to dishes. 

The new products are currently available online through the company’s website, on Amazon, and in select retailers including H-E-B, Harris Teeter, Whole Foods Market’s Southwest region, Dierberg’s, and more.

The new cumin line joins Rumi’s saffron and saffron blend line. All of the company’s spices are ethically sourced, non-GMO, and all natural.  

For more information, visit www.rumispice.com or follow the company on Facebook (www.facebook.com/RumiSpiceCo), Twitter (twitter.com/rumi_spice), Instagram (instagram.com/rumi_spice) or Pinterest (www.pinterest.com/rumispice/).


About Rumi Spice
Since 2015, Rumi Spice has been on a mission to use spice as a force for good. Rumi Spice was born out of its founders’ desire to cultivate peace in Afghanistan by creating demand for the country’s agricultural products. The company started by exporting and selling high-quality, sustainably sourced saffron to the US market in order to connect Afghan farmers with the global market and unlock economic potential for them. 

Additionally, the company has contracted with more than 1,900 women in Herat, Afghanistan to support the hand-harvested production process. Committed to empowering Afghan women and bolstering the country’s economy, Rumi Spice has reinvested back into the country’s agricultural and manufacturing infrastructure. 

Today, Rumi Spice exports whole spices from Afghanistan that it sells via retail, food service, wholesale, and direct to consumers. What began as a single product, Rumi Spice has expanded to bring even more premium, flavorful spices to consumers. Today, the company sells ten different spices and spice blends to add flavor to the dishes of both home and professional chefs. Rumi Spice is also proud to be a certified B Corporation

To learn more about Rumi Spice, visit rumispice.com.