Let’s Blend Things Up: Rumi Spice Adds Brand New Spices And Spice Blends To Shop Online And In Select Whole Foods Markets

Expanded Distribution Continues the Company’s Mission of Driving Economic Stability in Afghanistan by Direct-Sourcing from Farmers and Helping to Create Agricultural Jobs for Women

Chicago, IL - Rumi Spice is adding three new spices and three new spice blends to Whole Foods Market shelves nationwide beginning September 2021. Consumers will now be able to shop 11 different premium, flavorful and socially responsible spices and spice blends that are ethically sourced from Afghanistan.

Currently, consumers can shop for Rumi Spice Saffron, Wild Black Cumin (Ground), Afghan Curry Braise, Southwest Chili, and Kabul Piquant Chicken at Whole Foods Market nationwide. The new spices and spice blends launching in Whole Foods Market this month include Wild Black Cumin (Whole Seed), Herati Coriander, Wild Foraged Fennel, Ras el Hanout, Za’atar, and Harissa.

  • Rumi Spice’s hand-harvested Wild Black Cumin is grown along the foothills of the Hindu Kush mountains, with a flavor profile unique to the Middle East. While cumin is a staple spice globally, Rumi Spice’s Wild Black Cumin exhibits a uniquely sharp earthy and piney aroma. Its flavor profile is the perfect complement for roasted vegetables, soups, and chicken dishes.
  • Farmed in the Herat region of Afghanistan, Rumi Spice’s Herati Coriander yields a complex but delicately sweet flavor with hints of pepper and mint along with the classic touch of citrus. Due to its ability to pair with both sweet and savory dishes, Rumi Spice’s Herati Coriander can be used in everything from roasts to rice and soup to steak and is a popular spice globally.
  • Originally native to the Mediterranean, Rumi Spice’s Wild Foraged Fennel is grown in the rugged outskirts of Afghanistan’s Herat region. Local foragers carefully and meticulously gather the spice during the summer harvest. Fennel is a staple in multiple global cuisines due to its slightly sweet profile and versatility. Rumi Spice’s Fennel can be enjoyed in homemade sausage or the company’s original Fen & Tonic cocktail, a spin on the classic gin & tonic.
  • Rumi Spice’s Ras el Hanout is a Tunisian-inspired warm spice blend that is an essential ingredient in tagine dishes. An all-around versatile product in any kitchen, Rumi Spice’s Ras el Hanout has an earthy flavor with an unexpected spicy kick, making it the perfect blend for stews, dips, and rubs for meat and fish.
  • Rumi Spice’s tangy and nutty Levantine-inspired Za’atar is an herb-based Middle Eastern spice mix often used as a topping for hummus or as a dip with olive oil. However, the blend can be incorporated into many other dishes, including savory roasted vegetables, herbaceous chickpea salad, and is a delicious fish, poultry, or meat seasoning.
  • Rumi Spice’s Harissa spice blend is a unique blend in that it can be combined with oil to make a paste or used as a rub on meat and fish. The paste, which originates in Tunisia, is sure to elevate any dish with a spicy kick of flavor. Rumi Spice’s Harissa is also perfect for shakshuka or roasted carrots.                

“Rumi Spice is proud to be doubling our company’s footprint within Whole Foods Market locations nationwide,” says Patti Doyle, CEO of Rumi Spice. “With 11 products now available on Whole Foods shelves, we can continue to share additional authentic flavors of the region and build awareness and demand for the vibrant products that are grown in Afghanistan.”

Rumi Spice is on a mission to use spice as a force for good. Since its founding in 2015, the company has strived to further the agricultural and economic development of Afghanistan by empowering Afghan farmers, supporting Afghan women through direct wages, and reinvesting in the country’s agricultural and manufacturing infrastructure. These purpose-driven initiatives are at the core of Rumi Spice and the company is proud to hold a B Corporation certification as a testament to their work against their continued mission.

Rumi Spice will also be launching two additional spice blends in September available to consumers via their website: Garam Masala spice blend and Cajun spice blend.

  • Rumi Spice’s Garam Masala spice blend is both sweet and savory. Combining three of Rumi Spice’s Whole Seeds (Wild Foraged Fennel, Wild Black Cumin, and Coriander) with a variety of flavorful spices, Rumi Spice’s Garam Masala can be used in soups, stews, sauces, and as a dry rub or seasoning in both meat and vegetarian dishes. A South Asian mainstay, Garam Masala is frequently used for cooking curries and lentils.
  • Rumi Spice’s Cajun spice blend is hot, smoky, and salt-free. Delicious on both meat and roasted vegetables, Rumi Spice’s Cajun spice blend helps to turn up the heat in the kitchen. Rumi Spice’s Cajun spice blend can also be combined with canola oil or Greek yogurt for a delicious coating or dip, respectively.
Rumi Spice is the only public benefit corporation to come out of Afghanistan and the company’s spices are the first Afghan agricultural export to reach a U.S. nationwide retailer. In addition to Whole Foods Market, products are available for purchase nationwide via RumiSpice.com, Amazon.com, and at grocery and retail partners such as The Fresh Market, Harris Teeter, and a number of independent and small retailers. Product availability differs depending on location. For more information, visit RumiSpice.com and follow @rumispice on Instagram and @rumispiceco on Facebook.