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Wild Foraged Fennel Seed

Wild Foraged Fennel Seed

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Unearth the aromatic allure of our Wild Foraged Fennel Seed, meticulously gathered from the untamed terrains of Afghanistan's Herat region. With its warm licorice essence complemented by a subtle sweetness, our fennel seeds promise to unveil hidden flavors in a wide variety of dishes. From infusing depth into fish and pork rubs, enhancing sauces and curries, to adding a twist to baked goods, our fennel seeds beckon you to a gastronomic journey. We strongly recommend you try toasted fennel seeds in your next tomato sauce, the combination is wildly delicious! 

Ingredients: Wild foraged fennel

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"Smells like heaven, and tastes as good too. This stands out above every store-bought fennel seed I've ever used."

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    Wild foraged fennel

  • Tasting Notes:

    Warm, slightly sweet with a pronounced licorice undertone.

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    Pairs Well With:

    Tomato sauce, fish, baked goods, tea, and curries.

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    Unique Aspects:

    Our Wild Foraged Fennel Seed, nurtured by Afghanistan's diverse terrains, boasts a unique flavor different from whole seed fennel from India and other regions, enriched by Afghanistan's unique climate. Wild foraging supports biodiversity as it encourages the growth of a variety of plants in their natural habitats. This ensures that unique plant species, like Rumi's Fennel Seed, continue to thrive and aren't overshadowed by mass agricultural practices.

Social Impact and Women's Empowerment

Our mission extends beyond spices. Every purchase from Rumi Spice plays a vital role in empowering Afghan farmers, fostering sustainable agricultural practices, and supporting the economic growth of local communities. We take pride in creating opportunities and championing the roles of these individuals in their communities.

Central to our ethos is the empowerment of Afghan women. We employ them in various roles, from harvesting to processing various spices. This initiative provides them with direct wages and opportunities, fostering their economic independence and highlighting their invaluable contributions to both Rumi Spice and their communities.

Our Mission

The Best Spices are from Afghanistan

Afghanistan's diverse landscape, from the soaring Hindu Kush mountains to the arid plains surrounding Herat, provides an ideal environment for cultivating some of the world's most exquisite spices. This land, nurtured by hot, dry winds and a semi-arid climate, yields unparalleled saffron, renowned globally for its high crocin content, vibrant color, and intense flavor. Beyond saffron, Afghanistan's wild foraged spices, including rare varieties like wild black cumin, are a testament to the purity and richness of the land.

At Rumi Spice, we cherish this connection to Afghanistan, not only for the exceptional quality of its spices but also for the opportunity it presents to empower local communities, preserve traditional practices, and foster sustainable economic growth.

Why Afghanistan?