Add Some Zest To Your Plate With Za’atar Spice Blend

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Add Some Zest To Your Plate With Za’atar Spice Blend - Rumi Spice

Experience the flavors of the Middle East with this classic Levantine spice blend. Za’atar combines the tangy, zesty flavor of Sumac with familiar dried herbs like oregano and thyme, as well as Rumi cumin and coriander. Sesame seeds add a final layer of nuttiness, resulting in a blend that’s delicious sprinkled in some olive oil, or used as a seasoning for fish and vegetables.

Za’atar is renowned as one of the oldest, and perhaps most secretive, of the Middle Eastern spice blends, dating back to early Egyptian versions which combined oregano, thyme, and other native herbs. Our Za’atar spice blend likewise celebrates the region by adding Afghan cumin and coriander to the mix.

How can I use Za’atar spice blend?

Za’atar is especially versatile and can be used as a finishing spice as well as added throughout the cooking process. The core herbs and spices that make up this blend, like oregano, thyme, cumin, and coriander, lend themselves to chicken and fish dishes. Likewise, the Sumac and sesame seeds add brightness and nutty crunch, making za’atar just as enjoyable when sprinkled on top of fresh-baked bread or mixed with olive oil for an easy dip.

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Get Started Cooking With Za’atar

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