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Saffron Threads, 2.0 gram, Gift Set

Saffron Threads, 2.0 gram, Gift Set

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Give the world's most coveted spice to your loved ones with this beautiful saffron gift set. Experience the sweet, floral, and vibrant essence of our Afghan Saffron in our beautiful 2 gram square glass bottle with cork topper. It comes in a lovely gold foil box, and includes the story of Rumi Spice, along with our favorite saffron recipes.

Ingredients: Pure Afghan Saffron Threads

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Get the Saffron beloved by Michelin Star Chefs

  • eric-ripert.jpeg__PID:63a88e71-9e9e-4415-92c6-a206131b5dae

    Eric Ripert, Chef

    Michelin Stars | 7 Time James Beard Award winner

    "As a chef, I have sampled many different saffron types, and Afghan saffron from Rumi Spice is some of the best that I have ever found. This saffron is of the highest quality with subtle nuanced flavors that are ideal for cooking Bouillabaisse and Tagines. This saffron is sustainably farmed and sourced directly so it is a product that is both delicious and good for farmers and the planet"

  • daniel-bouloud.jpeg__PID:9a63a88e-719e-4ed4-9552-c6a206131b5d

    Daniel Boulud, Chef

    2 Michelin Stars | 6 Time James Beard Award winner

    "Rumi Spice cultivates a rare and exquisite saffron from delicate pistils, whose beauty lies in the purity and intensity of its flavor and fragrance, casting a luminous golden hue on every sweet and savory dish it touches."

  • Nahabedian_Carrie_H.jpeg__PID:a88e719e-9ed4-4552-86a2-06131b5dae7c

    Carrie Nahabedian, Chef

    1 Michelin Star | James Beard Award winner

    "The Rumi Saffron is so fragrant and intoxicating with a stunning intense floral scent. It has raised the level of quality and sophistication for Saffron. The saffron gives such an incredible hue of amber crimson. I am happy to be supportive of the efforts of Rumi bringing this Saffron to America that has been hand harvested by women using traditional methods from Afghanistan."

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    Pure Afghan Saffron Threads

  • Tasting Notes:

    Sweet, floral, and vibrant. A nuanced blend of earthy and floral tones that promises a rich flavor, even with just a few strands.

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    Pairs Well With:

    Rice, seafood, meat, baked goods, and soups.

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    Unique Aspects:

    Afghan saffron is the best: Cultivated in the ideal climate of Herat, Afghan saffron has been rated the best in the world for eight consecutive years. With the highest crocin levels globally, it promises a deep red hue, potent flavor, and rich antioxidant properties. Our saffron is tested in accordance with ISO protocol 3632 and surpasses the highest Category 1 saffron standards by over 25%.

"The 2 oz Saffron Gift Set is beautifully wrapped and is a great gift for foodie friends. I have used Rumi Saffron for a few years now, and it is excellent quality—flavorful and aromatic. I will definitely continue buying it for myself and friends. Ordering is easy, delivery is prompt, and the packaging is always very good. I have never had an issue with ordering or shipping."

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This is the Perfect Gift for...

Culinary Enthusiasts: Ideal for those who love to cook and appreciate high-quality ingredients. This saffron will elevate their dishes with its unique flavor.

Health-Conscious Individuals: Given saffron's numerous health benefits, this gift is perfect for those who value both wellness and taste in their cooking.

World Cuisine Lovers: For friends or family who enjoy exploring international cuisines, this Afghan saffron offers an authentic taste of Middle Eastern and South Asian dishes.

Ethical Consumers: Those who prioritize ethically sourced and socially responsible products will appreciate the story behind Rumi Spice's saffron, especially its impact on empowering Afghan women.

Luxury Gift Seekers: The elegant packaging and the exclusivity of the world's most coveted spice make it a luxurious and thoughtful gift.

Adventurous Home Chefs: For those who love experimenting with new ingredients and flavors in their kitchen, this saffron adds a new dimension to their culinary creations.

Why We Love It

Unparalleled Quality: Our Afghan saffron is globally recognized for its superior quality, with a deep red hue and potent flavor that surpasses the highest Category 1 saffron standards.

Empowering Communities: We're not just about spices; we're about making a difference. By employing thousands of Afghan women, we provide them with stable incomes and contribute to their empowerment, making each purchase a step towards a greater cause.

Ethical and Direct Sourcing: Our commitment to ethical sourcing ensures that every thread of saffron is traceable, pure, and unadulterated. This practice not only guarantees quality but also supports our mission of fostering a stable economy in Afghanistan.

A Taste Like No Other: The unique climate and terrain of Afghanistan, combined with meticulous harvesting and processing, give our saffron an unmatched depth of flavor. It's not just a spice; it's an experience.

Versatility in Use: Our saffron is perfect for a wide range of dishes, from classic rice and seafood to innovative baked goods and soups, making it a versatile ingredient in any kitchen.

The Story of Rumi Spice: Each set includes the inspiring story of Rumi Spice, connecting the consumer not just to a product, but to a journey of flavor, culture, and impact.

Social Impact and Women's Empowerment

We employ thousands of Afghan women for harvesting and processing, providing them with direct wages and a stable income. As a result, Rumi has become the largest private sector employer of Afghan women, creating opportunities for over 4,000 women and continuously expanding our network.

Our mission extends beyond spices. Every purchase from Rumi Spice plays a vital role in empowering Afghan farmers, fostering sustainable agricultural practices, and supporting the economic growth of local communities. We take pride in creating opportunities and championing the roles of these individuals in their communities.

Our Mission

The Best Spices are from Afghanistan

Our saffron threads, nurtured by Afghanistan's unique climate and terrain and harvested with care, offer an unmatched depth of flavor, setting them apart from any other.

Afghanistan's diverse landscape, from the soaring Hindu Kush mountains to the arid plains surrounding Herat, provides an ideal environment for cultivating some of the world's most exquisite spices. This land, nurtured by hot, dry winds and a semi-arid climate, yields unparalleled saffron, renowned globally for its high crocin content, vibrant color, and intense flavor. Beyond saffron, Afghanistan's wild foraged spices, including rare varieties like wild black cumin, are a testament to the purity and richness of the land.

At Rumi Spice, we cherish this connection to Afghanistan, not only for the exceptional quality of its spices but also for the opportunity it presents to empower local communities, preserve traditional practices, and foster sustainable economic growth.

Why Afghanistan?