The History of Baharat

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The History of Baharat - Rumi Spice

history of baharat and the silk road trade

While it is difficult to pinpoint when and exactly where baharat started, it is assumed it developed out of the important role Arabian spice traders played in the ancient world. Baharat is the plural of the Arabic word for 'spice' (bahar).

Baharat spread widely across the Mediterranean region and has different variations across the nations and cultures who slightly adapted it to their local cuisines. In Turkey, baharat may have an addition of fennel and in North Africa they like their baharat with a touch of rose petals.

In fact, this spread of baharat into new regions still occurs to this day. One example are the coney dogs of Detroit and the world famous Cincinnati chili - both started by Greek & Macedonian immigrants using a variation of spices similar to baharat. And even more recently, Federal Donuts uses baharat as an ingredient in their Master Recipe donut.

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